Chapter 132: Covering and backing (Part 2)

“You never? That is good.” Meng Laofuren enjoyed Lin Chujiu’s pleasure jokes. In fact…

Xiao Tianyao also likes it. He didn’t take his eyes off to Lin Chujiu, so he likes it too, right?

However, Lin Chujiu had never spared him a glance, or even talk softly to him. The two of them are more like strangers. But, Xiao Tianyao didn’t find anything wrong with it. He like her being filial. He finds her look in front of Meng Laofuren very lovely.  So, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but imagine himself as Meng Laofuren.

If Lin Chujiu will spoil him like this, she will also look cute, right?

Xiao Tianyao was daydreaming, so when he recovered his mind. He doesn’t know what Meng Laofuren is talking about. Because he only heard her say: “My granddaughter grew up spoiled. So, Wangye, if she did something, don’t hesitate to inform me. I will go here immediately and scold her.”

Meaning, if Lin Chujiu didn’t behave herself. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t need to scold her because her own relative will.

To say that, she definitely cares about Lin Chujiu. So when Xiao Tianyao heard Meng Laofuren‘s words, he didn’t get angry. Rather, he felt happy for Lin Chujiu. Because someone from her family is so concerned about her.

Xiao Tianyao took a glance at Lin Chujiu. And when he saw her cheerful look, his face unconsciously soften a bit while whispering: “Very well.”

This answer is not enough. Because Meng Laofuren’s happiness is much greater than the word “well”.  


Seeing lunch time is coming up, Meng Laofuren looks at Lin Chujiu and gave her a hint to send someone to prepare their lunch. But, Lin Chujiu decided to go to the kitchen personally to prepare a porridge.

Lin Chujiu understand what Meng Laofuren really want to do. Meng Laofuren wants to have a private discussion with Xiao Tianyao. But before she left, she took a glance at Xiao Tianyao. A glance that looks hoping for something.

When he saw her big wet eyes, Xiao Tianyao felt something stab his heart. There was no actual blunt object that stabs him, but it was painful.

Seeing Xiao Tianyao still staring at Lin Chujiu’s departing back, Meng Laofuren‘s eyes couldn’t help but show a trace of happiness. But when Xiao Tianyao looks back at her, the smile in her eyes has vanished. Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao also look at her seriously.

Because Xiao Tianyao knows clearly that is the real beginning of their talk.

Meng Laofuren didn’t beat around the bush, she said bluntly: “Wangye, people from Ming Dynasty doesn’t speak ill words. But this old lady really has to say this. Lin Chujiu’s life is full bitterness. Lin Xiang is the emperor’s confidant, so he will never help Lin Chujiu. Rather, he will drag her down.”

When Meng Laofuren was speaking those words, she was looking at Xiao Tianyao intently. So, when she saw Xiao Tianyao didn’t get dissatisfied, she continued: “However, Wangye, you can rest assured. Lin Family will not support Lin Chujiu, but my Guo Gongfu will!”

Meng Laofuren’s voice is not loud, but every word she said has power. 

Her words were representing Guo Gongfu. So it can be said that even if the people from Eastern Country turn their back on Xiao Tianyao, Guo Gongfu will still support him because of Lin Chujiu!

Meng Laofuren, benwang understood your intention. But, Meng Laofuren doesn’t really have to.” Lin Chujiu maybe his wife, but: “Benwang doesn’t need his woman’s backing.”

Meng Laofuren didn’t understand the meaning behind Xiao Tianyao’s words, so she frowned and asked: “Wangye, are you looking down on my Guo Gongfu?”

A dead starved camel is still bigger than a horse. So, although her three sons are not very promising, the foundation that was left behind by her husband, the old Guo Gongfu, still exist. So whether it is in the officialdom or in the army, Guo Gongfu still had a little power. Guo Gongfu cannot become his biggest support, but he still shouldn’t look down on them… … 

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 132: Covering and backing (Part 2)

  1. So, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but imagine himself as Meng Laofuren.

    … uhm… …. … Okay.

    Oh boy, don’t mess this up XTY ~_~; you already messed up your relationship with her, inadvertently looking down on her grandmother too might be a bit much. Potentially anyway.

  2. XTY looks like you have tripped yourself out. It would be interesting in how you would talk yourself out of it. Thanks for the rest of the chapter.

  3. Im so annoyed cuz he doesnt deserve her omggggggggggggggggggggggggggg he keeps saying she sulking or being immature when she has all the right to hate him and avoid him. she almost died for gods sake and hes always threatening to take her life. now she hates u and u think shes just being immatureeeeeeeeeeeeee someone take a knife and kill me alr. can lin chijiu just divorce this guy and live w her grandma

  4. There should be a situation where he’s in danger/almost dead and no one can help him except LCJ and see if he likes it when she doesnt do anything and just be indifferent…
    Just like how he ignored her and even refused to help even tho she was on the verge of death.
    While some of you might say it’s childish/she shouldn’t stoop as low as him, IMO he needs to experience it himself to understand how she feels, that he’s at fault, and be dragged down from his pedestal. Only then he can repent wholeheartedly (this is just a nice dream tho 😂…that and I really hate how he feels he deserved everything and doesnt feel guilty 😠)

    1. While I agree he needs to suffer a bit you have to remember he suspected her of trying to kill him. I wouldn’t help (or trust) someone like LCJ (who won’t offer any evidence) either and I’m not even an imperial prince.

      The thing he should be faulted for is not doing more to help her once he no longer believed that. And for being an ass not taking her anger seriously.

  5. don’t misunderstood ~~~
    he meaning is.. “I can take care of my wife~ u don’t have too worry ”
    Ps: that what on my mind.. who care let me imagine it (ㅎᗨㅎ)

  6. I will stop reading this novel if lin chujiu gives in to xiao tianyao sooner. She have been wronged from the start of the story until now!! and thats many chapters already!!! I want the main male lead to suffer more (at least many chapters more) before they gets ok. Hmmmp!!!!! This is the very first time I hated the male lead ever!!!

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