Chapter 134: Get along and Third Prince Xiao Zian got into accident (Part 1)

After their lunch, Meng Laofuren takes a short break and then prepare herself to leave. However, before leaving, Meng Laofuren find a way to talk to Lin Chujiu in private to discuss what she and Xiao Tianyao had discussed.

“Chujiu, although Xiao Wangye is somewhat cold, he is a good a person. You are now a husband and wife, so you also need to have a sense of responsibility. No matter what happens, you two are now tied together. So, if he gets angry because there are some unavoidable cases, you need to endure it.” Meng Laofuren wants her granddaughter to act according to her will, but… …

The difference between Xiao Wangfu and Guo Gongfu is too big. She doesn’t have an ability to make Xiao Tianyao bow down his head over to Lin Chujiu. She could only hope Xiao Tianyao take care of her granddaughter.

To successfully live as a husband and wife, someone must always give in. But, that is impossible for Xiao Tianyao, so it is Lin Chujiu who must adjust.

“Chujiu, I know you felt wronged in this marriage, but we could only obey. We are powerless to change the edict. So, instead of remembering the past, why not just choose to live a good life now? A person’s heart is not made of stone, so as long as you will whole-heartedly accept Xiao Wangye. Xiao Wangye will certainly won’t disappoint you.” Meng Laofuren said because she’s worried that Lin Chujiu might haven’t forgotten the crown prince. 

If it was the original Lin Chujiu, she will certainly not let go of the Crown Prince. But the current Lin Chujiu has already forgotten him.

So, saying this kind of thing is unnecessary. Lin Chujiu calmly said: “Grandmother, rest assured. I know what I must do.”

Seeing Lin Chujiu so obedient, Meng Laofuren felt so happy: “Sure enough, getting married can make a girl sensible.” Meng Laofuren pats Lin Chujiu’s hair with a smile, but her eyes were full of pity.

Her granddaughter wouldn’t behave like this so drastically if nothing bad had happened. However, this change is good, because if she’s still so capricious like before. Xiao Tianyao will definite despise her.

Meng Laofuren wanted to remind Lin Chujiu about the philosophy of life. But, it seems Lin Chujiu has completely absorbed her teachings. So, reminding her again is useless. Xiao Tianyao is not an ordinary man, so common rules for ordinary husband and wife won’t work on him.

The only thing that’s left is to let Lin Chujiu know that she supports her: “My child, remember, you’re not only the eldest daughter of Lin Fu, but also the young lady of Guo Gongfu. No matter what happens, Guo Gongfu is always behind you.”

Earlier, when Lin Chujiu haven’t met Meng Laofuren. She really wanted to use this old lady as her asylum. But now that she finally achieve her goal, she didn’t feel happy at all.

Lin Chujiu snipped and heavily nodded her head: “Grandmother, I will remember.”

Meng Laofuren also nodded her head and said: “It’s getting late, Grandmother should go back now.”

Meng Laofuren loosens her grip to Lin Chujiu’s hand, but Lin Chujiu didn’t let go of her: “Grandmother, I don’t want you to go.”

She already lived twice, but this the first time she had experienced someone from her family really cares for her. She knew that she only stole this family, but she doesn’t really want to let go.

This family is so warm, so it’s really hard to reject it.

Meng Laofuren patted Lin Chujiu’s head and then said with a bit drowsy tone: “You are married now. Why still act like a child?”

 “Don’t say that grandmother. We only get married to give birth. So, in front of my grandmother, I am but a child.” In front of a loved ones, she doesn’t need to act sensibly. She doesn’t need to worry about the other party getting annoyed with her attitude. She can just be herself.

However, this easiness she felt ended so soon …

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  1. Ah…another one where happiness doesn’t last that long. Poor LCJ. If only you were reborn on the time the original was with Meng laofuren then maybe you could’ve gotten more freedom instead of getting reborn when the original chose to suicide

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. What happiness? LCJ has no happiness..Just miserable pitiful life.. worst & pitiful mc.
    Continue to read in hope that another male McLaren to take her away.

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