Chapter 134: Get along and Third Prince Xiao Zian got into accident (Part 2)

The elder and granddaughter exchange a few more words. But, because it’s getting late, Meng Laofuren left the Xiao Wangfu even though she really doesn’t want to.

This is the first time Housekeeper Cao had seen Lin Chujiu made such an appearance. So, deep inside his heart, he couldn’t help but think: It seems Wangfei is also like ordinary girls.

And if Housekeeper Cao didn’t witness it, he wouldn’t believe that in front of Meng Laofuren, their Wangfei can make such a flirtatious attitude.


When Lin Chujiu went back to her courtyard, Xiao Tianyao was no longer inside the Floral Hall. Lin Chujiu didn’t ask about him, she directly went to her room. Intending to think about what Xiao Tianyao and her had discussed before.

What Meng Laofuren had said earlier is not wrong. No matter what happens, the two of them are now tied together. So, even if she left Xiao Wangfu, she will be brought back if Xiao Tianyao himself didn’t allow it.

“In the end, are you going to cure Xiao Tianyao’s legs or not?” Lin Chujiu is very confused.

If by chance she cured Xiao Tianyao’s legs, Xiao Tianyao will owe her a big favor. She can use that as a token to live peacefully in Xiao Wangfu. Or she can use that as a token to leave Xiao Wangfu. But, Xiao Tianyao will definitely disagree with her last sentence, 

Curing Xiao Tianyao’s legs have many benefits… … so it’s very hard to flatly refuse.

Lin Chujiu tried her best to set aside her dissatisfaction and just face the reality. But, while Lin Chujiu is thinking about curing Xiao Tianyao’s legs. Third Prince Xiao Zian got into an accident because of Mo Yuer.

Some people cannot stop themselves to use the same tactics. But this time, they use Mo Yuer to kill the Third Prince. Fortunately, Divine Doctor Mo discovered it on time, but Third Prince Xiao Zian still greatly suffered and even almost lose his life. Divine Doctor Mo had cured dozens of people, but the Third Prince’s condition only gets worst and worst.

After the investigation, they learned that Mo Yuer’s clothes were soaked with a special herb that is contradicting with the Third Prince’s medical treatment. So, when the Third Prince received his treatment, it backfired instead of getting cured.

The evidence is conclusive. So although Mo Yuer keeps denying and says that she doesn’t know about it. She cannot convince them because she cannot change the fact that the Third Prince almost died.

Looking at her pale and dying son, Imperial Concubine Zhou couldn’t help but want to strangle Mo Yuer. And if only she doesn’t need Divine Doctor Mo to save her son, she might have killed Mo Yuer a thousand times already.

But after this incident, Mo Yuer also lose her freedom. The emperor put her under house arrest so that she won’t mess up other things.

If it only happened once, it can be said that it is an accident. But if it’s twice already, it’s mere stupidity. And there is no cure for that. Divine Doctor Mo wanted to save his daughter, but he doesn’t know what to say. Because he cannot guarantee that his daughter wouldn’t be used again with this same method.

Although everyone calls him a Divine Doctor, he is not an immortal god that capable of bringing someone back to life. So, if Third Prince Xiao Zian got into an accident again, even he himself will definitely die.


When this news reached Xiao Wangfu, Su Cha felt thankful once again that Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer had left the Xiao Wangfu. Because if not, it must have been Xiao Tianyao who got into an accident.

“That old disciple of Divine Doctor Mo can really make fool out of a person ah.” After learning about the soaked clothes, Su Cha had a cold sweat.

To be honest, if this incident happened in Xiao Wangfu, Su Cha cannot guarantee that they can prevent it.

“He won’t succeed if he doesn’t have a calculative mind. The person he wanted to take revenge is Divine Doctor Mo. So, he definitely moves with utmost preparation.” The only thing that made Xiao Tianyao felt regrettable in this incident is that Lin Wanting didn’t get involved. Because if she did… …

He will help Lin Chujiu to take out some breathing.

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