Chapter 138: Daughter-in-laws and Not familiar (Part 1)

Meng Shing’s wife tried to persuade her family to let her husband go in the battlefield, but her words don’t sound convincing.

As someone who is also married in Guo Gongfu, Meng Laofuren’s reputation is nice.  However, although her reputation is nice, she has no power in the capital. Her power is more like the same with a dog. She is a furen from a noble family but it was really nothing but a title. It was really hard for their family to get this kind of opportunity. So, she doesn’t blame Meng Shi’s wife to have this kind of thought, but … …

She cannot accept it!

Because Meng Shi’s wife wants riches and power by using her son’s life!

Meng Laofuren not only want to refuse but also want to tear apart this Da Furen (Eldest son’s wife) in front of her.

With Meng Laofuren’s scary eyes, Da Furen couldn’t help but took a step backward and ask: “Mother, did I say something wrong?”

“What? You didn’t know if what you said is wrong? Your words were not only wrong, but very very wrong!” When Meng Laofuren was still young, her words can instantly kill any conversation. But when she got old, her temper got longer. However, when her temper reaches its limit. No one will be able to bear her anger.

Da Furen got timid, but she cannot afford to lose this time. So, she strongly supports her own will: “Mother, what exactly did I say wrong? This is the heaven’s will, the heaven wants Laoye to be used by the emperor to save our country. Isn’t that such a happy thing?”

“You don’t need to make it sounds so nice. This old lady knows very clearly what exactly you are thinking.” Despite the presence of others, Meng Laofuren didn’t hesitate to add: “It seems marrying into Guo Gongfu is not satisfactory to you. If that is the case, then you can go back now to your family. This old lady doesn’t need a daughter-in-law like you.”

The meaning of those words has no any difference to the word ‘divorce”. But, Meng Shi only acted like he didn’t hear anything. He didn’t say a word to defend his wife. He didn’t even look at her.

Da Furen can no longer hold it, so she kneels on the ground and asks for forgiveness: “Mother, this daughter-in-law, this daughter-in-law is wrong. This daughter-in-law no longer dare to speak.”

“You’re wrong? What did you do wrong?” Meng Laofuren sneer and ask. Her grayish eyes even emitted a sharp light. Da Furen didn’t dare to look at her in eyes, she only opens her mouth and randomly replied: “This daughter-in-law would never dare to butt in our family business. This daughter-in-law would never dare to speak again. Mother, please, spare this daughter-in-law once.” Da Furen said while her tears are flowing. Her face looks so pitiful, but… …

Er Furen (2nd Son’s wife) and San Furen (3rd Son’s wife) didn’t even plead for her. They only bow down their heads.  

Da Furen’s face looks really ugly. And if an outsider would suddenly see her, Guo Gongfu will definitely lose its face. Meng Shi could no longer afford to see her face, so he went forward to persuade his mother: “Mother, this woman is short-sighted and inexperience. So, please, don’t put her on the same level as you.”

His sons still need him, so divorce is not a good option.

“Mother, this daughter-in-law was wrong. Mother, please, I beg you to forgive this daughter-in-law.” Da Furen doesn’t care about her image, so she keeps begging for mercy.

At this point in time, it can be said that Da Furen is really fortunate. Because if her husband and sons are not here. How will she face this issue?

Meng Laofuren doesn’t really want them to divorce. But, if she won’t beat her this way. This Da Furen will beat her. Seeing that Da Furen was really regretting her action, Meng Laofuren coldly said: “Get up.”

This time, Er Furen and San Furen dare to move to help Da Furen.

Da Furen hurriedly stood up and said: “Thank you, thank you, Mother.”

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