Chapter 141: Value and Send them to Wangfei’s room (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu haven’t made up her mind, but she knows that Xiao Tianyao wouldn’t let her say no. So since things already become like this,  she no longer wanted to try to escape or regret and just concentrate to solve this matter.

During Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment to Xiao Tianyao’s legs, Lin Chujiu was present most of the time, so she knows enough information about Xiao Tianyao’s legs condition, that a doctor should have known.

Divine Doctor Mo might be a selfish and despicable person. But, his medical skills are truly remarkable. And if by chance she didn’t have the medical system, Lin Chujiu admits that her medical skills are far inferior to him.

After all, with Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment plan, Xiao Tianyao legs shows sign of improvement. And if he continued that treatment, Xiao Tianyao will definitely be able to walk in less than three months. Unfortunately, that dragon soul thing made it impossible to achieve. And the emperor took away Divine Doctor Mo right after that incident, so they couldn’t continue the treatment.


The next day morning, Xiao Tianyao came over to Lin Chujiu’s place and found out that she still has no plan with his treatment, so his eyes flashed with a trace of dissatisfaction.

But because Lin Chujiu was not looking at him at that moment, she didn’t see his reaction. Lin Chujiu casually took a chair and sat down on the opposite side of Xiao Tianyao and said: “Stretch out your arm.”

She is also a doctor, so she knows how to show courtesy to a patient. She knows what she must and mustn’t do.

Xiao Tianyao extended his arm, but say a warning tone: “Chujiu, don’t provoke benwang’s anger.” If he becomes angry, Lin Chujiu won’t definitely be able to face it.

“I keep my promise.” Lin Chujiu said while putting her fingers on Xiao Tianyao’s pulse. Then, she closes her eyes as if she was thinking. But actually, she is checking his condition with the help of the medical system.

To back up Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment plan before, Lin Chujiu’s treatment plan must be more scientific advance, but reasonable. Fortunately, this month, with Doctor Wu’s careful treatment, Xiao Tianyao’s legs injury didn’t deteriorate.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t grasp how much Xiao Tianyao’s legs improved earlier. But now, she knows that his legs will improve by 70%.

Lin Chujiu recover her hand and said with a serious face: “Your blood vessels are still clogged. The blood clots haven’t completely dissolved. If we try to remove them, your legs will recover by 70%. But as for whether you will be able to walk normally, we’ll learn that after your rehabilitation.”

“How do you plan to remove them?” Xiao Tianyao asked. Because he needs to grasp every situation in his hands, regardless of his trust to her.

“It’s just a minor surgery, I just need to make two small cuts in your legs and removed the blood clots through it.” Lin Chujiu said her plans without hiding anything.

Xiao Tianyao understands the meaning of each word she said. But, he can’t imagine the whole process, so he got very puzzled. Xiao Tianyao frowned his eyebrows and said: “Be more specific!”

“I can’t explain more. Why don’t you give me a rabbit and I’ll show you the process instead.” Lin Chujiu had been with Xiao Tianyao for a long time now, so she knows how suspicious a person he is.

So, instead of explaining, she better show it in front of him.

“Go and grab ten rabbits.” Xiao Tianyao generously commanded. But, Lin Chujiu got shocked, so she immediately said: “I won’t kill it. One is enough.”

“Then, keep it and play.” He won’t change his command even if he was wrong.

That won’t affect their current situation, so Lin Chujiu no longer insist. And because she was too lazy to care about Xiao Tianyao’s craziness. Lin Chujiu stood up and said: “I’ll go back to my room and prepare.”

Lin Chujiu has this medical box in her room. A medical box that is not allowed to be touch by her maidservants. Xiao Tianyao didn’t ask those maidservants to check it, but… …

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