Chapter 144: Taking advantage of sickness and To throw into disorder (Part 2)

The emperor’s mouth is somewhat still smoking. Seeing this, Lin Xiang staggered a bit when he stood up and think that even if he aged, life is still not easy.  However, in the end, he didn’t say anything.

Lin Xiang stand still and dare not mention anything about the incident. Instead, he directly talks about an important business: “Huangshang, now that any of the Meng Brothers can  lead the army, we need to appoint a new general.”

“Eminent Xu was waiting in Weiyuan.” The emperor already has a backup plan. Because he knows Xiao Tianyao will do anything to stop Meng Shi to lead the army. 

Lin Xiang immediately understood what’s going on the emperor’s mind, so he busily said: “Huangshang is truly wise. Eminent Xu has gotten more and more brave and fierce in battle. With Eminent Xu as the general Northern Army become less fearsome.”

The emperor is also very satisfied with his decision, “Eminent Xu is experienced in fighting Northern Army. Zhen believes, he can complete this task in four to five days.”


The emperor chooses a general this time without any trace of personal feelings. So, when Xiao Tianyao received the news, he also felt very satisfied: “With Eminent Xu, we don’t  have to worry about the northern army.”

“Eminent Xu is an upright person, he won’t deliberately go against our people. But, that is, if the emperor will not use a backhand.” Su Cha said because he’s not only used in making careful plans, but also in the making of the worst case of plans.

“People are all the same.” Unless the general is he himself. No person will go against the emperor’s orders to clean off his people.

Hearing this, Liu Bai sighed deeply. Today, he didn’t say anything so that he won’t make Xiao Tianyao unhappy.

No arguments happened. Su Cha and Xiao Tianyao’s discussion went well. And so, the two of them continue to talk about how they will force the emperor to release his confidants and let them return to their original post and join the front line.

With those confidants as middle-level generals, they won’t need to worry about the lives of his 300, 000 soldiers.

However, it’s already not easy to make the emperor released them, so what more to reinstated them as officials. And in order to take them all in, the emperor tried his best to formulate evidence that will pass the law.

“If we can’t overturn his verdict, let’s drag all of his people in the army down. In all those years of battle, those people only acted as the military general to get loots, but never actually run an army. Even if they won’t admit to that, people under them must have received some of it, right? Like their children or relatives. Benwang won’t believe those people are innocent. Check them all and look for remaining evidence.”

This is the best move. Xiao Tianyao didn’t look at it before because there is no war. But in the past, even if there was chaos in appointing generals during the war, the emperor still had time to slowly appoint his people. It didn’t affect their overall situation, but it helps the emperor to cause tumor in the army.

However, right now, the situation is different. Because this war with the northern army may last for a year and a half. They also need to monitor the Southern and Western Country. Because as soon as they lose defense, these two countries will definitely advantage the situation.

When Su Cha heard Xiao Tianyao’s words, his bright eyes immediately got dim: “We don’t have enough time to collect much evidence. We have limited manpower.”

The power in their hands is great, but it is not enough to check the entire state. The emperor can mobilize his power in the entire East, he can even make an honest detective lie. But them? They can’t.

“We don’t have enough manpower, so naturally, someone will do it for us.” Xiao Tianyao knows it more clearly than Su Cha. He also doesn’t want to drain his energy to investigate.

Su Cha immediately understood the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s words, so he asked: “You mean to say, you’re going to ask Tiancang Pavillion?”

If it’s the Tiancang Pavillion, then there will be no problem!

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