Chapter 145: Intelligence and Silver Moon Medallion (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao decided to use Tiancang Pavillion. Su Cha and Liu Bai find it quite unexpected. But at this time, using Tiancang Pavillion is the best choice. Su Cha and Liu Bai didn’t ask Xiao Tianyao how they will convince Tiancang Pavillion to help them.

After all, the two of them has always been a clever duo. Su Cha has a silver tongue, while Liu Bai is very familiar with public affairs. Tiancang Pavillion can be also considered as public affairs. So that night, Liu Bai brought silver banknotes, worth of million to see Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy, under Xiao Tianyao’s name.

The Special East Envoy was very surprised at this. He didn’t dare to let Xiao Tianyao’s people wait longer. He immediately invited Liu Bai to come in. But, when he learned the purpose of Liu Bai’s visit, the Special East Envoy couldn’t help but laugh even more.

“Xiao Wangye’s matter is also Tiancang Pavillion’s matter. In two days, Tiancang Pavillion will send the information. As for the payment, Tiancang Pavillion and Xiao Wangye are not strangers. The information we will send will be Tiancang Pavillion’s gift to Xiao Wangye’s marriage.”

Compared with the silvers, Xiao Tianyao finding them to buy information is the main focus. That year, when Xiao Tianyao came and picked up a fight with them, it became their public image. But, if the information spread, that Xiao Tianyao took the initiative to find them, then there’s nothing to worry about that image anymore.

Before coming in Tiancang Pavillion, Liu Bai and Su Cha had already thought of this possibility. So, they already prepared countermeasures: “Our Wangye is not lacking in money. And Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy, I don’t know if giving a wedding gift to our Wangye is a good idea.”

“Xiao Wangye doesn’t want to let the people know that he bought information to us?” The Special East Envoy’s eyes narrowed because he doesn’t know what he was thinking. 

Liu Bai has always been not good at guessing game, so he didn’t understand his intention. Well, he also doesn’t care, so he replied according to his will: “No, our Wangye never got afraid of people to know his actions. Our Wangye just hates trouble, but if Tiancang Pavillion wanted to bring trouble. Our Wangye wouldn’t mind causing trouble too. To the point where Tiancang Pavillion will become very busy.” 

This is definitely a threat. But, if Xiao Tianyao’s legs were not crippled just like before. Tiancang Pavillion will definitely weigh the situation after hearing his statement, but now?

“Xiao Wangye will give Tiancang Pavillion trouble? I’m afraid that wouldn’t be an easy task for him.”  The Special East Envoy is fat, so his laughter made weird sounds. He also wears a smile on his face most of the time, so many people got deceived by him, thinking that he is a good man. But in fact, he is smiling tiger. And the more he smiles, is the more how black his plans were.

Liu Bai sneered and said: “It looks like Tiancang Pavillion is not as well-informed as it claimed ah.” This remark seems has no deep meaning, but it actually said a lot. So, the Special East Envoy couldn’t help but hold his laughter and ask: “Young Master Liu, what do you mean by that?”

“As exactly as what it means.” Liu Bai is not a scheming person. He also cannot conceal his words. So, he no longer entangles himself to the Special East Envoy and just said: “I’ll leave these silvers here. After two days, I’ll come again to get the information. As for borrowing our Wangye’s name, let me give you an advice, our Wangye has a bad temper, so I hope you can face it.”

That year, Xiao Tianyao seriously injured him. This time, Liu Bai said he hopes he can “face it”. Meaning, just wait to be beaten again.   

Just by remembering how Xiao Tianyao beat him like a sandbag. The Special East Envoy couldn’t help but shudder. 

He admits that he was a bit of scared of Xiao Tianyao and doesn’t want to get beaten again. But, if he let this chance passed by, he… … might acquire insomnia.

Xiao Tianyao is really annoying. And right now, he finally understood why the Emperor of the East wanted to kill him so bad. Because he also wanted to do the same… …

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  1. Xiao Tianyao, you sure never run out of people wanting to murder you.
    So, does it ever cross your mind to not offend the wife *you* want to share bed with? Who also happen to be your doctor?
    I honestly can’t imagine any reason for you to not start treating her right, or at least not giving her reason to consider joining the *Want to kill Xiao Tianyao* club.

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