Chapter 146: Expectations and looking forward to the surgery (Part 1)

In the four countries, who knows how many people wanted to kill Xiao Tianyao. The Emperor and the Tiancang Pavillion has even dispatched Martial God people to kill Xiao Tianyao, but they still failed. So, it can be seen, how terrible of a person Xiao Tianyao was truly is!

“I want to kill Xiao Tianyao!” Right now, Lin Chujiu also become one of the people that wanted to kill Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu borrowed Doctor Wu to become her assistant. And in order for him to effectively help her. She gave him a special training in two days so that he won’t panic during the operation.

Doctor Wu himself is a doctor, so when Lin Chujiu explains some hospital policy during the operation. Doctor Wu understand it at once. And when it comes to identifying surgical instruments, Doctor Wu also remember their names quickly. Lin Chujiu thought that their training will soon come to an end, but… …

Who would have thought that Xiao Tianyao will tag along and joined Doctor Wu’s training process?

Lin Chujiu tried to endure teaching the two of them. However, if Xiao Tianyao has a bright mind and talent in a war. He’s medical knowledge is very poor. He even asks questions in a very simple statement. And so, Lin Chujiu explain and explain again. Lin Chujiu explained several times, but Xiao Tianyao could still barely understand it. 

And when she finally thought Xiao Tianyao understand it, Xiao Tianyao will formulate another problem.

“What does a blood type mean?”

“How can benwang use someone else’s blood? Benwang will not accept blood from the others.”

“If you cannot identify the relationship between a father and a son by dropping their blood in the water. Then, how will you prove it?”

“What is transplant? Can you really use someone else’s legs?”

“… …”

Even Lin Chujiu herself doesn’t know when and how she started blurting out the words blood type, paternity test, and transplant. Originally, in order to dispel Xiao Tianyao’s doubt, Lin Chujiu tried to explain more and more, to the point that she reached those words.

“Oh God, can you please let that man shut up!? I’m going crazy!” Lin Chujiu will really turn crazy. After all, she hasn’t encountered a man like Xiao Tianyao who can ask questions all day.

Fortunately, the house has two separate room. So, Lin Chujiu can temporarily relax.

Yes, for temporary!

However, with this, Lin Chujiu was able to foresee her suffering, once Xiao Tianyao starts his rehabilitation.

“Yes, I must kill Xiao Tianyao in the operating table. I won’t be able to stand it.” Lin Chujiu said without any hesitation in front of her four maidservants.

The four maidservants couldn’t help but look at each other. Because they really cannot understand their Wangfei. Their Wangfei knew that Xiao Wangye sent them to monitor her. So, how can she say those words in front them? Is she not scared for Xiao Tianyao to learn it?

Is Lin Chujiu not scared?

Yes, Lin Chujiu is not scared. Because she really blurted those words out loud for them to report it. She wanted to use their mouth to make Xiao Tianyao shut up his mouth and stop asking questions.

She is not a teacher, so why does she need to give an answer to his every question?

And just like what Lin Chujiu wanted, Xiao Tianyao learned what she said. And because of those words, he no longer wanted to ask questions.

And as for her plan, Lin Chujiu declared her intention to kill him in public. So, it must not be true.


Under Housekeeper Cao’s supervision, Xiao Wangfu’s craftsmen were able to build the new house that Lin Chujiu wanted in just two days and two nights.

The new house has two operating rooms and two operating tables. Outside of it, there is a place to change clothes and disinfect their hands.

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  1. Hahaahahaahaa!!!! GO Wangfei, I’ll whole-heartedly support your decision in killing Wangye, Please do it by all means~~~ If the emperor and anti-XTY heard it, they would probably applause (with standing ovation) and give her many rewards for that!!!!

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