Chapter 148: Surgery and Support (Part 1)

Cut up to which part?

That is really a big problem.

They should not only cut up to the place where Xiao Tianyao could accept it but also, up to the are where she won’t have a hard time to treat.

Lin Chujiu stopped what she’s doing and went to Xiao Tianyao’s side. Then, she pointed out her finger over to his knee: “Up in here, seems not enough.” Next, she pointed on his thigh: “While in here, his pants will be too short. So, I’m sure Wangye wouldn’t be able to accept it.”

This … … Wangye will not kill me in anger, right?

Due to nervousness, the scissor falls from Doctor Wu’s hand. However, he couldn’t help but look at Lin Chujiu with full of admiration: Wangfei is not afraid of Wangye to find out when he woke up?

“Cut up in here.” Lin Chujiu poked her finger twice to confirmed the location.

Cutting off at least 3/4 of his pants will not reveal what shouldn’t be revealed. It will also not hinder her work, but… …

“But, isn’t it too short?” Doctor Wu hold the scissors but didn’t dare to cut.

If he cut off up to that area, and then their Wangye woke up. The whole world will think twice to blame their Wangfei, but what about with him ah? He doesn’t want to be blamed!

“We have no other choice. Wangye’s thighs and calves have blood clots too. So, I have to cut him up in here.” Does Xiao Tianyao really think his surgery will be as easy as what she did to the rabbit?

If surgery was so simple, then she doesn’t need to spend ten years or more in studying medicine.

“I understand.” If it is about treatment, Doctor Wu had no other choice but to agree.

Seeing Lin Chujiu turned away, Doctor Wu busily clasped his hands together and bowed to Xiao Tianyao while murmuring.

Lin Chujiu turned her head and see the scene. At that moment, she couldn’t help but shiver. Because Doctor Wu seems really determined to cut off Xiao Tianyao’s pants.

Doctor Wu is really courageous ah. Lin Chujiu herself wanted to cut it off, but… … she doesn’t have the courage.

*Kacha … Kacha…*

Doctor Wu cut Xiao Tianyao’s pants according to Lin Chujiu’s instruction.

“Wangfei, can you check?” Doctor Wu looked so nervous. He looks like a kid who committed a grave mistake.

Lin Chujiu turned her head to check: “Yes, next we have to shave Wangye’s hair in the legs.” Lin Chujiu showed to Doctor Wu how to do it and then she passed the razor to him.

Originally, this process should be done before entering the operating room, but… …

Lin Chujiu is not sure if Xiao Tianyao will cooperate. And so, she decided to do it after.

“Wang… Wangfei, do we really need to shave Wangye’s hair?” Doctor Wu who was holding the razor almost wanted to cry.

After all, once their Wangye woke up, his death is unquestionable!

“You already cut off Wangye’s pants, so why still hesitate?” Lin Chujiu said lightly. Doctor Wu knows that her words are a threat, but also a naked truth!

“Wangfei, obviously, that is because you asked me to cut it.” How can she just pushed all the blame on him ah… … he is actually innocent.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head with a serious face and said: “What you said is not wrong. But, you cooperated with me, so do you think Wangye will just let you go and only punish me?”

“Wangfei, are you saying we’re in the same boat now?” Doctor Wu understand that at this time, he had no other choice but to obediently listen to Lin Chujiu.

“We’re doing this for Wangye’s sake.” Lin Chujiu said with a very serious face: “Do you think, with Wangye’s personality, if he knows we’re going to do this, he will cooperate?”

“He won’t.” Their Wangye is a very proud man, so how he will let himself be trampled while he is unconscious.

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