Chapter 149: Woke up and He will let her go this time (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu didn’t wait for Doctor Wu to digest what he had seen. Instead, she picked up a pen and draw a line to Xiao Tianyao’s other leg to make another incision.

“Focus.” Lin Chujiu took a glanced at Doctor Wu and said. Doctor Wu immediately recover his mind and once again follow Lin Chujiu’s pace… …

*After four hours*

Lin Chujiu stands next to the operating table in full four hours to clear all the clogged in Xiao Tianyao’s legs. In this four hours, Lin Chujiu didn’t even try to lick her lips until she stitched the very last wound. Because of this, Lin Chujiu’s hands and body were almost uncontrollably shaking.

“Wangfei, are you okay?” Doctor Wu stepped forward and hold Lin Chujiu.

In fact, Doctor Wu also felt tired. But, because his workload is not as hard as Lin Chujiu’s work, he felt a bit better than her.

“All right. We’re done.” Lin Chujiu said and then leaned on the operating table. Her voice sounds very weak, so a person could tell that she’s very tired.

Surgery is a definitely not an easy task. Especially, whenever it’s an eight-hour major operation. In her previous life, Lin Chujiu could finish those kinds of operation alone, but she never felt tired. Instead, she felt an extremely accomplishment.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Chujiu’s fatigue lessen a bit. And so, she remembered something: “Doctor Wu, you can go now and prepare Wangye’s room, so he could recuperate. I’ll stay here with him.”

This is obviously to send him away. Doctor Wu is also a clever man, so he didn’t ask anything and just follow her orders.

Who will openhanded share all his knowledge anyway? Of course, there is no one. So, it would be very strange for their Wangfei to teach him everything she knows.

After Doctor Wu left, only Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao were left inside the new house. Lin Chujiu immediately checked if Xiao Tianyao was still under the effect of anesthesia. After confirming that he won’t wake soon, she took out IV fluids and anti-inflammatory drugs from the medical system and infused it to Xiao Tianyao.

Originally, Lin Chujiu should have given Xiao Tianyao blood transfusion. But because Xiao Tianyao refused and said that he won’t accept someone else blood. Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to do it.

Lin Chujiu knows when and when not to break the medical ethics. Xiao Tianyao refused to undergo such treatment, so she wouldn’t dare to give him. And not unless he bleeds in his death… …

She will never give Xiao Tianyao’s blood transfusion.

However, it seems Xiao Tianyao’s body is extremely healthy. Because even if he lost a lot of blood, his body only got weaken. He will get back to his normal health once he gets nourished. And during his post-recovery, he’ll definitely recover fast because there’s a lot of Traditional Chinese Medine in this era.

Lin Chujiu adjusted the IV fluid’s infusion and set the timer. And then, she put the timer on the side and sit on the chair to rest.

Although her body got a lot better after self-medication, she’s still weaker than any average person. In her previous life, she can stand for full eight hours, but in this world, she can’t.

While leaning on the chair, Lin Chujiu couldn’t stop herself from closing her eyes and dozed off. And so, she didn’t notice that Xiao Tianyao opened his eyes!

Lin Chujiu is not wrong in her judgment. Xiao Tianyao was still under the effect of anesthesia. It’s just he just woke up much earlier because his body has some resistance to poisons and other drugs.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was familiar with anesthesia. And so, she increased the dosage in him ten times more. Because if she won’t, the anesthesia will have no effect on him at all.

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  1. Oh no! Xiao Tianyao is awake 😱…I wonder what he’s gonna do?
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    Thank you for the chapter!! Loving this novel soo much, and am eagerly waiting to find out what happens next!.
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  2. Meh… Probably to monitor him 24/7 regardless of anything until he says otherwise…. Wonder if he’ll make her sleep on his bed?…

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