Chapter 15: Injuries and traps (Part 2)

Fortunately, this deceptive medical system has also other benefits. If you completed the sub-goal that the medical system had specified you will receive points and reward. The rewards have different types and levels. Once you’ve completed this sub-goal you can exchange the points you accumulated for an item or choose to have the right to refuse to give a treatment. However, Lin Chujiu is just starting and haven’t reached that level.

The moment that the medical system has explained the reward to Lin Chujiu, she immediately hides beside the bed and quietly checks the reward for the sub -goal. Lin Chujiu found out that once she treated more than ten injured patients out of forty-eight patients she can exchange the points for some packed of lethal self-protection powder drug.

This is good I can also fight!

Lin Chujiu quickly look up the medical system’s assessment and took out some antidote bottles, intravenous drip and other medicine tablet bottles that she may need to treat the patients. If she takes these things out, how she will going explain it to them… …

This deceptive medical system ah!

Lin Chujiu just gritted her teeth. Aside from those things she knows that she also needed hemostatic powder, suture kit, and bandages. And just like a small mouse Lin Chujiu dragged out a small box near the bed. She removes the clothes that were inside and put some medical supplies.

In the whole world, only Lin Chujiu was acting sneaky just to save patients.

Lin Chujiu carefully check out her surroundings because she’s so afraid to be found out.

She felt relieved when nobody is still paying attention to her because that means she’s still safe. After she took the small box and other medicine bottles, she went outside.

The assassin saw her but didn’t take her seriously. In that assassins’ point of view, Lin Chujiu’s life is nothing but still, he raised his hand. If Lin Chujiu ran outside Prince Xiao’s Mansion she may cause a commotion.

From the outside of Prince Xiao’s Mansion, there were already hundreds of archers that are only waiting for a signal. So, whether she stays inside or the outside as long as she appears within their range she will be shot.

Xiao Tianyao also saw Lin Chujiu, but he cannot control her. Although he doesn’t care whether she live or die, but… …

Why she’s holding a bunch of stuff? Did she steal them?

Soon, both Xiao Tianyao and the assassin found out that they are wrong. Lin Chujiu didn’t escape, but instead, she started to put a dressing on a wounded guard on the ground.

Lin Chujiu have medical skill?

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes swept passed to Lin Chujiu. He saw her skillfully clean, put a medicine and bandage the wound. Xiao Tianyao’s calm eyes showed a trace of confusion.

But, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have much time to pay attention to her and only rushed to the four assassins. He knows he needed to focus his attention on them so that he won’t fall into their trap. After all, those four assassin’s sword has poisoned.

Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen got wounded with poison one by one. Although those assassins weren’t able to hit them in their throat but sooner or later their capability to fight will no longer be effective.

Lin Chujiu wanted to start treating the guardsmen’s injuries that were lying on the ground. Their injuries are not serious but because there was poison they needed to be treated immediately. However, she doesn’t know how much time do they need before they can fight again.

Seeing that Lin Chujiu is getting close to them. Each one of them felt embarrass and raise a sword in front of her to stop her from getting near them. Who exactly is Lin Chujiu ah?

She may be weak in one on one fight, but she is not that weak to be labeled as useless. To begin with, she doesn’t really care about these guardsmen but she can’t ignore them.

“Bang,” Lin Chujiu kick the leg of some guardsmen and the swords in their hand drop on the ground. Her face turn cold and started to scold them: “All of you got poison, do you think you can still live long? And don’t you dare lie to me that all of you are willing to die just like that!”

Lin Chujiu know that with Xiao Tianyao’s cold face he can scare the people easily. So, with so many guardsmen of him as her patients, she needed to turn her face cold to make them afraid of her.

However, Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen have long been used to their Master’s cold face. So, they didn’t get afraid of her and only think that her behavior right now is rather stupid. They couldn’t help but think: Is this woman crazy? Who does she think she is?

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