Chapter 150: Will die and help to get up (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu tidy up the operating room. And then, she asked Housekeeper Cao to arrange some people to clean up and disinfect it. Lin Chujiu went back to her courtyard to soaked herself in a hot bath. In which, she felt a bit relaxed.

Lin Chjujiu’s spirit return and so her appetite. However, she didn’t eat much because of fear of feeling sleepy. And so, after a six mouthful of food, Lin Chujiu already put down her chopsticks.

This is not to show how deep her self-discipline was, but to show how responsible she is to her patients. After all, some minor mistakes of a doctor can lead a patient’s to his death.

After eating, Lin Chujiu didn’t go immediately to Xiao Tianyao’s place. Instead, she takes a nap and asked Zhenshu to wake her up after a quarter of an hour.


Doctor Wu thought sending the unconscious Xiao Tianyao would be very easy. And so, he volunteered even if he really doesn’t want to. But, who would have thought… …

“Wang, Wangye, you are awake?” After seeing Xiao Tianyao’s clear eyes, Doctor Wu immediately understand the situation.

What? Wangye is not unconscious?

Shit! He’s going to die now.

“Shouldn’t benwang wake up? In front of Doctor Wu, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t need to control his temper. And so, he glared at him and said coldly. Doctor Wu who felt scared, shiver. He keeps shaking his head while saying: “No, no, it’s not… …”

“Get yourself together. Benwang has something to ask you.” Lin Chujiu was a woman, but she has more guts.

“Yes, yes.” Doctor Wu wiped his cold sweat and stand beside the bed. He also readies himself to kneel and plead for mercy.

Just by remembering that he was the one who cut their Wangye’s pants and shaved his hair on the legs. Doctor Wu’s heart immediately becomes restless.

After seeing Doctor Wu has finally calmed down. Xiao Tianyao oblique Doctor Wu to open his mouth: “The things you have seen today, report it all to benwang. You shall not hide anything.”

“Eh, Wangye, you are not awake?” Doctor Wu looked calm, but it seems his mind still hasn’t. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask such a stupid question.

Xiao Tianyao has no intention to answer his stupid question, and just coldly said: “Speak.”

“Yes, yes.” Doctor Wu doesn’t know when exactly Xiao Tianyao woke up. And so, he didn’t dare to deceive him and just reported everything, ever since he had entered. Xiao Tianyao listen carefully to his story. So, when he reaches the cutting and shaving part, he didn’t forget to include their Wangfe’s name. After all, he doesn’t want to be executed.

But, of course, Doctor Wu didn’t forget to add due to conscience: “Wangye, you can’t blame Wangfei. Wangfei really wanted your legs to be cured. And in order to do that, Wangfei stands for full four hours without stopping. Wangfei’s body and hands were already shaking due to hardship, but she still didn’t stop until you were in a stable condition. Wangfei persists until the end.”

“Shut up, you don’t need to say anything anymore.” He has eyes, so he saw how tired Lin Chujiu was. Does he want him to feel guilty again?

“Yes, this subordinate will not say anything.” Doctor Wu secretly took a glanced at Xiao Tianyao. And so, he discovered that although his tone was cold, his face looks very calm. At that moment, Doctor Wu’s heart finally had calm down.

Sure enough, after mentioning their Wangfei’s name, any major event could become a small matter. So later on, when their Wangye change his mood, he will just hug Lin Chujiu’s legs for mercy, and everything will be just fine again.

Doctor Wu thought he had successfully covered up his previous actions very well. And so, the smile on his face become creepy. However, what he doesn’t know is that, Xiao Tianyao could read everything in his eyes.

Doctor Wu knows very well his temper, and so he was very assured that he would be safe.

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