Chapter 152: Will urinate and Pull it down (Part 1)

After Lin Chujiu finished bandaging Xiao Tianyao’s wounds, she continues feeding him antipyretic drugs.

Lin Chujiu felt very lucky to have western styled drugs. Because she only needs to pinch Xiao Tianyao’s chin, throw it inside his mouth and then give him some water. She doesn’t need to worry about if he could swallow it or not.

Yes, Lin Chujiu’s actions towards Xiao Tianyao is very rude. And so, Xiao Tianyao who rarely sleep well woke up.

Xiao Tianyao’s chin was pinched hard again, so he got awakened. Xiao Tianyao glared at Lin Chujiu and said: “You, can’t you be a little more gentle.” His hoarse voice shows that the tablet got stuck in his throat.

“Oh, you woke up?” Lin Chujiu’s reaction is completely out of the picture: “Drink some more water. Then, swallow these three pills by yourself.”

Lin Chujiu quickly poured a glass of water and help Xiao Tianyao to get up. After handing him the water, Lin Chujiu said with a bit of kindness: “Drink some more water to moisten your throat.”

Xiao Tianyao’s upper half body was leaning against Lin Chujiu. So, he unconsciously followed her orders. Lin Chujiu hold Xiao Tianyao’s chin and hold his hand with the pills, then said: “Open your mouth.”

Lin Chujiu’s white slender fingertips were touching his chin. And so, Xiao Tianyao comply with her order wholeheartedly. However, her hand that was holding his hand with the pills… … accidentally touches his lips.

During this event, Xiao Tianyao was able to feel Lin Chujiu’s cold fingertips, so he was quite satisfied. And the only thing that made him unhappy, is that… …

When Lin Chujiu touches his lips, she didn’t even show any reaction.

How thick is this woman’s nerve ah?

Xiao Tianyao almost wanted to bite off Lin Chujiu’s fingers.

“Ok, have a good rest now. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, you can call me.” Lin Chujiu said while helping Xiao Tianyao to lie down in the bed. Then, she carefully covered him with a quilt.

From the start till the end, Lin Chujiu didn’t even ask for his opinion. But, what makes Xiao Tianyao dumbfounded more was, he actually obediently closes his eyes?

This is really … incredible!

Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but frowned his eyebrows. However, when he remembered Lin Chujiu’s pale face, his heart felt an unbearable pain.

Forget it, that woman is too tired. So, he didn’t want to have a fight with her.

With Xiao Tianyao’s cooperation and Lin Chujiu’s meticulous care and thoughtfulness. The two of them didn’t have a fight or had a misunderstanding, which is a very rare. And so, this makes Xiao Tianyao feel quite better.

The night ended up without any incident until Xiao Tianyao shouted in the middle of the night: “Help benwang to get up!”

At this point in time, Lin Chujiu was leaning on the table and sleeping. So, when she heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice, she approached him immediately and said: “What’s wrong?” Lin Chujiu’s voice sounds very lazy and looks so confused.

So, Xiao Tianyao patiently repeated his words: “Help benwang to get up.”

“Get up?” Lin Chujiu’s confused brain immediate woke up: “No, you can’t get up! What do you need, I’ll help you.”

Four incisions were made in his legs, so how can he get up ah?

“You will help benwang? Benwang will urinate, so how can you help?” Xiao Tianyao deliberately made his words sounds bad, so Lin Chujiu wouldn’t make things hard for him.

“Urinate?” When Lin Chujiu heard his words, she got stunned for a moment.

Originally, Wangye is also a man that has a sense of urgency ah. Lin Chujiu thought that Xiao Tianyao who is a cold and mighty king doesn’t need to eat nor drink like a god.

“What? You didn’t hear benwang?” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed with a trace of laughter. Lin Chujiu knows what was Xiao Tianyao is thinking. He wants her to feel shy, but he must be dreaming!

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