Chapter 153: Sleeping together and Hug (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu has a bright smile on her face, but her eyes show an optimistic look that Xiao Tianyao will not be able to stand it.

Sure enough, after enduring for a long time, Xiao Tianyao could no longer stand it. Xiao Tianyao pointed out his finger towards the door and slowly said, word by word: “Lin Chujiu, benwang wants you to go out, so now, get out!”

Xiao Tianyao feared that he might not be able to stop himself from choking the woman who teases him!

Who is Lin Chujiu anyway? Lin Chujiu is an elite medical practitioner, so… …

When she sees that Xiao Tianyao was angry, she left without a word.

But, does Xiao Tianyao knows how to use the urinal? Lin Chujiu doesn’t know the answer to that question. Anyway, when she entered the room again, Xiao Tianyao has finished urinating. Lin Chujiu didn’t saw any urine in the urinal, so she doesn’t know what exactly he did.

Xiao Tianyao felt unhappy about the urinating stuff. So, when she came in, she didn’t mention anything about it. And because of that, just like earlier, a storm didn’t start between them. Xiao Tianyao also didn’t mention anything. So, it shows that both of them has a tacit understanding.

Xiao Tianyao suddenly remembered Doctor Wu’s story about his surgery. So, he got puzzled and asked: “You obviously know how to treat benwang’s legs, so why you didn’t say anything before?” If she does, then he wouldn’t get in trouble because of Divine Doctor Mo.

“Huh?” Lin Chujiu didn’t expect Xiao Tianyao will ask such question, so she got stunned for a moment before she could reply: “Didn’t I explained that matter to you before? However, without Divine Doctor Mo’s special treatment to your muscles and blood vessels, my success will only be 30%. The risk will be much higher and the operation might end as a failure.” 

When Xiao Tianyao heard her words, he smiles sarcastically and said: “Your words, do you think benwang will believe them?”

Is this a payback time?

Lin Chujiu thought Xiao Tianyao forgot what she did.

But, it seems she was mistaken. Lin Chujiu wanted to formulate countless reasons inside her mind, but the current situation doesn’t allow her. And so, she chooses to act pitiful!

Lin Chujiu’s eyes flashed with a bit trace of sadness and faintly said: “My words, when did you ever trust them?”

Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu was only acting. But still, when he sees the sadness in her eyes, his heart ache and he feels very uncomfortable.

Xiao Tianyao looks up at the ceiling and said: “Benwang believed you earlier, but you betrayed benwang’s trust.”

“I did it for your sake.” Lin Chujiu knows that continuing to act pitiful won’t be helpful. But still, she busily bowed down her head and pull the corner of her sleeve.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe that such provocation won’t melt Xiao Tianyao’s heart! But, what a shame… …

“Do you think, if you change it’s meaning, you can fool benwang?” The result is still the same, so why bother changing it?

“Wangye, if you don’t believe me, then forget it.” Lin Chujiu is not used in pretending to be pitiful. And seeing Xiao Tianyao not getting any soft, she feels discouraged to continue to act. Lin Chujiu sat in the chair and took a deep breath, then said: “Wangye, if you don’t believe me, you can ask an imperial doctor to check your condition. But, if you think looking for an imperial doctor will be troublesome, you can feed me a long-acting poison. You can give me the antidote after your legs ended just fine in three months.”

“Benwang hasn’t said anything against you, but you already formulated a bunch of situations.” Xiao Tianyao continue to say to angry Lin Chujiu: “And do you think you can just casually drink poison? Don’t you know your own condition?”

“This is my body, so why wouldn’t I know?” Just by thinking her damaged body, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but depressingly leaned her head on the table.

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  1. If I were Lin Chujiu, I wouldn’t say anything. With Xiao Tianyao, only his words are correct and everyone else is wrong. You will never be correct in the eyes of such a person.

    Also, he has already proven that he doesn’t trust her. So why should she trust him with her life?

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