Chapter 154: Counterattack and Highly efficient (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s stiff body, revealed the fact, that she’s only pretending to be asleep!

Yes, Lin Chujiu didn’t fell asleep. Lin Chujiu is very tired, so she ruthlessly leans her head on the table. But, her heart remembers that she has to take care of Xiao Tianyao. So, she didn’t dare to let herself fell into a deep sleep and keep her mind awake.

However, she didn’t know when the man dressed in black appeared and she didn’t hear Xiao Tianyao’s order. So, when the man dressed in black came closer and lifted her up, she woke up completely.

The moment Lin Chujiu learn that Xiao Tianyao ordered that man to take her in the bed, she felt at loss… …

Is she going to pretend that she woke up? Or continue to pretend asleep?

Lin Chujiu who was put on the bed, doesn’t know how she will face Xiao Tianyao, so she chooses to continue pretending asleep. Anyway, Xiao Tianyao’s bed feels so comfortable, so she better stay still, to avoid hitting Xiao Tianyao’s wounds.

However, Lin Chujiu knew very well that even though she deeply fell asleep, she wouldn’t hit him because she will never move.

As an orphan, she never got the chance to sleep or roll in a big bed. She only sleep outside of some big shop, until she was ten years old. And then later on, when she was in the orphanage, she was able to sleep in a small bunk bed.

As an orphan, she also never got the chance to kick a quilt while sleeping. Because only sicked children used a quilt. Her life is much poorer than a person could imagine.

So, even when she came in this world, she already has this developed habit. Lin Chujiu thought that when she lies in this big bed, she will be able to have a good rest, but… …

Why did no one tell her that this pillow and quilt will smell like Xiao Tianyao?

Why did no one tell her that Xiao Tianyao’s breathing aroma will be so alluring?

Why did no one tell her that when she smells Xiao Tianyao, she will never want to sleep at all?

This is simply brutal and inhumane.

At this point in time, Lin Chujiu not only has decided not to sleep, but also her mind becomes more sober. Because Xiao Tianyao completely occupied her mind. 

Well, Xiao Tianyao himself was beside her!

So, in order not to get affected by Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu pretend to roll away by chance, to the corner where Xiao Tianyao… … is far.

Sure enough, after getting far away from him, she was able to calm herself.

Lin Chujiu slowly relaxed her body. She thinks, she still won’t be able to sleep, but at least, can have a good rest.


Xiao Tianyao stared at Lin Chujiu. So, he saw how her stiff body relaxed. And how her messy breathing becomes steady. And so, he waited for Lin Chujiu to roll back, but… …

After half an hour, then an hour …

Lin Chujiu maintain her original posture and didn’t move at all. Xiao Tianyao wanted to pull Lin Chujiu near him, but he couldn’t move. In the end, he didn’t dare to move her to avoid waking her up.

“Does Lin Fu mistreat you so bad?” Xiao Tianyao who was looking Lin Chujiu’s back got puzzled.

If Lin Chujiu grew up spoiled in the Lin Fu, she wouldn’t sleep so restrained like that.

Lin Chujiu’s sleeping posture also doesn’t look like a pampered miss, but more like an orphan. An orphan that sleeps in a small bunk bed.

Xiao Tianyao tried to pull Lin Chujiu several times, but he couldn’t reach her, so he had given up.

Anyway, they still have a lot of time …


When Lin Chujiu woke up, she find herself in the corner of the bed and not in Xiao Tianyao’s arms, so she felt quite relieved.

Sure thing, those hugging scenes in the movie is nothing but a lie. Or else why would a two person who sleeps soundly, will end up hugging each other.

When Lin Chujiu woke up, she got up from the bed and stretch out her sore limbs. Then, she looks at Xiao Tianyao and saw his puzzled eyes.

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