Chapter 155: The people and the emperor is not all that powerful (Part 1)

Liu Bai’s worry is not pointless.

Because Tiancang Pavillion has never been a place to get credit. And just like what Liu Bai was thinking, the Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy present the same report to the emperor.

To wash away their shame, the Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy wants to kill Xiao Tianyao personally. But, because he fears Xiao Tianyao’s strength and to be on the safe side. He chooses to borrow someone else swords to kill him.

Of course, the East Emperor knows what’s on his mind, but how he will do it?

Anyway, although the Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy has a small brain, he was indeed helpful to him.

“Thank you, Chief Master Envoy for this report. Zheng is even more feeling indebted to you now.” Tiancang Pavillion’s report came timely. So, he completely has a time to formulate a plan and counterattack Xiao Tianyao. Especially, when he decided to use this report as evidence.

“Huangshang, for all these years, you took grateful care of our Tiancang Pavillion, so this is only a natural thing to do.” The Tiancang Pavillion East Envoy smiled, so his chubby cheeks folded in multiple layers. But, this smile doesn’t have any trace of joy, so no one has dared to laugh at his looks.

The Tiancang Pavillion Special East Envoy has already done what he wants, so he didn’t stay any longer. But, before departing, he specifically said to the emperor, that when he decided to assassinate Xiao Tianyao again. Tiancang Pavillion will unconditionally support him.

Xiao Tianyao has really offended so many people ah!

After the emperor received the report, he immediately ordered his spies to inform all of his government officials to clean up any related evidence in their crime. After all, they mustn’t allow Xiao Tianyao to get an opportunity to send an evidence to the Judicial Court.

Xiao Tianyao must have a trump card in his hand, but as long as he can’t provide an actual evidence. The report is nothing but a worthless pile of paper.

Aside from informing his government officials to hide the evidence, the emperor also tells them that Xiao Tianyao was preparing to impeach them. So, they must hide them well.

If big people can find a way, small people can also find a way ah. Not to mention, 35 government officials is not an insignificant number. Because if they work altogether, out of desperation, their willpower is not something to look down on to.

With the emperor’s series of command and instructions, Xiao Tianyao’s plan was almost completely blocked. And the evidence in his hands almost turned useless.


The emperor’s actions are not small, so even if he deliberately hides them. Su Cha was still able to learn it. So, as soon as he received the news, he rushed over to the Xiao Wangfu.  Su Cha was walking very fast with a serious face, so even if the guardsmen want to stop him. They didn’t dare to come forward.

Su Cha is now very anxious, so he didn’t notice the strange behavior of the guardsmen and just went inside. And so… …

He unluckily witness a coalition between Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao.

“Wangye, don’t you really care about your body? If I had known, I wouldn’t have bothered treating your legs earlier.”

“Your worry doesn’t fit, you can treat them again. So, what’s the problem?”

“There will be no next time! Because if your wounds split again, I’m not going to deal with it!”

Lin Chujiu’s anger blow up!

She just slept this morning, but Xiao Tianyao’s wounds split apart?

Yes, he didn’t remove the bandages, but the sutures break apart. As his flesh bleeds and almost fell apart.

This is the first time he saw Lin Chujiu very angry at him. But, Xiao Tianyao can’t simply remember when the suture in his wounds fell apart. And so, he wasn’t able to fix it before she found out.

Xiao Tianyao is not afraid of pain. She is now aware of it. But, just because he’s not afraid of pain, doesn’t mean the wound will not get affected.

“When Divine Doctor Mo tells you that his medical treatment will take several months, you fully cooperated with him. So, why? Why can’t you do the same for me? I am also your doctor, but why can’t you give importance to my effort?” The medical tray on Lin Chujiu’s hand almost fell on the floor.

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