Chapter 155: The people and the emperor is not all that powerful (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao’s bullishness is too much, he didn’t even respect her as a doctor.

So, if she can, she really wanted to smash the medicine tray on the floor, so that she won’t be able to treat him, but… … she cannot do it!

She and Xiao Tianyao made an agreement. She will treat his legs. So, she must complete this transaction. Because if not, she will still the one who will suffer in the end.

After venting her anger, Lin Chujiu wipe the tears on her face. And then, she crouches to Xiao Tianyao’s side. Lin Chujiu cleaned up and bandages the wounds, but this time, she didn’t suture them.

Lin Chujiu looked up and saw Xiao Tianyao’s blank face. But, she felt her heart was telling her to go away, so she stands up and … …

There, she saw Su Cha in the room.

This is the first time Su Cha saw a person dare to scold Xiao Tianyao right in front of his own face. But, what shocked him more is, Xiao Tianyao actually didn’t get angry!

He must have entered the wrong room ah!

Su Cha take a few steps back and then came inside again… …

This is really the right room!

When Lin Chujiu saw Su Cha came inside again, she immediately packed up her things and walked passed through his side… …

“Wangfei.” Su Cha pays his respect, but Lin Chujiu didn’t give him a response.

Su Cha awkwardly stands in the same spot, but he turned his head and looked at Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao points his finger to the opposite side and said: “Sit.”

Su Cha sits on the chair and then carefully asked: “Wangye, are you okay?” Wangfei scolded you so bad ah! 

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao replied with a calm tone.

With this, Su Cha once again suspected that he might have heard wrong. Why would their Wangfei scold their Wangye anyway, right?

However, with this kind of topic, Su Cha will never dare to clarify it. So, he put it behind his mind and never mention it.

And in order to divert his attention, Su Cha decisively said: “The emperor must have received a news from Tiancang Pavilion. So right now, we don’t have any more means to send this report to the Judicial Court.”

As for the Judicial Court?

Will they listen to the Emperor or to the Prince?

After sending this report, there is no doubt that they will only turn a blind eye to it.

“No need to sent it.” Xiao Tianyao never plans to send it since the beginning. After all, there will be no good results if he uses normal channels to expose those government officials.

The emperor has full control over this normal channels. So, if he just sent this report, wouldn’t it be the same as showing it to the emperor?

“Then, what are we going do?” They spent hundred thousands of silvers, but they will not use it?

Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger to the armrest, but not in alarming sound: “These things, print out a thousand copies of it, tomorrow… … benwang want to see them all.”

“You want to … … ” Spread it throughout the whole capital?

“Yes, benwang wants all the people in the capital to see these evidence tomorrow.” If the people get angry, the emperor wouldn’t be able to stay silent.

The emperor can block his plan, but he cannot plug the mouth of all of his citizen, right?

“Will this be okay?” Su Cha has already imagined that emperor’s angry face.

“Are you scared?” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed and coldly look at Su Cha.

Su Cha hurriedly shook his head and said: “No.” After all, being scared now is useless, because he has long been tied with Xiao Tianyao. And if Xiao Tianyao’s ship sank, his life will also end up bad.

“Not scared … … Good.” Xiao Tianyao divert his eyes, but the coldness in it didn’t even lessen a bit. He is obviously sitting in a wheelchair, but a person couldn’t help but feel like, he is sitting in a dragon chair. A chair that is powerful and domineering.

This is not the first time Su Cha had seen such look of Xiao Tianyao. But still, he couldn’t help but fear him.

As a God of War, Xiao Tianyao’s body always emits a chilling aura. So, a person couldn’t help but crawl on the ground and bowed down on his feet… …

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