Chapter 156: Questioning and remember who your master is (Part 1)

Printing a thousand copies, in just one night,  is too much of a work. So, Su Cha and Liu Bai become so busy to point where they can no longer even gasp the time. They also don’t know if Xiao Tianyao has left to rest. 

Su Cha and Liu Bai were only responsible for printing the evidence. While, Xiao Tianyao was the one who arrange the rest. Well, with this arrangement, they will also avoid making mistake.

So tonight, don’t even bother mentioning about having a good rest, because Xiao Tianyao was so busy to rest. He doesn’t have time to pay attention to his own wounds or time to eat his food.

Lin Chujiu came to change Xiao Tianyao’s wound dressing. And in there, she saw Xiao Tianyao was very busy as usual. So, she didn’t say anything. And when she saw his cold face, she just crouched to his side and change his wounds dressing.

Lin Chujiu also checked his body temperature. But, Xiao Tianyao was still busy, so he turned a deaf ear to her words.

No matter what time Lin Chujiu came to check his condition. Xiao Tianyao was too busy to even look at her. So, even though she was still angry, she got numb after a couple of hours.

Xiao Tianyao himself doesn’t care about his body, so why would she care? She had done everything she could do to cure him. Anyway, even if someone came to kill her, she will not say that she feels distressed because of him.

Well, even though Lin Chujiu fiercely bad mouth Xiao Tianyao. Deep inside her heart, she felt disappointed because she truly felt distressed about his condition. However, Lin Chujiu knows very clearly, that if Xiao Tianyao himself doesn’t want to take a rest, then she really can’t do anything about it.

Anyway, if the Emperor cornered him, and Xiao Tianyao stop from fighting, he will not the only one who will die!

So, before going to sleep, Lin Chujiu diligently went to see Xiao Tianyao again. Lin Chujiu found out that Xiao Tianyao’s wounds are swelling, but she didn’t say anything and only wrinkled her eyebrows. And then, she turned around to go and look for Doctor Wu.

“Will this work? Will Wangye listen to me?” Doctor Wu said while wiping the sweat in his face.

“I have done everything that I can. It’s time for you to take care of Wangye.” Lin Chujiu simply said, because she doesn’t care if it went well or not.

“Why am I so unlucky ah.” Doctor Wu depressingly said, but because he is a doctor in Xiao Wangfu, he cannot ignore Xiao Tianyao.

According to Lin Chujiu, he must serve the medicine immediately to Xiao Tianyao until its warm. But, Doctor Wu didn’t dare to send it directly. Instead, he light up a small fire to keep it warm. And when Xiao Tianyao finally released a breath with a sigh. Doctor Wu carefully said: “Wangye, before leaving, Wangfei specifically ordered me to keep this medicine warm, to make you feel better.”

After speaking, Doctor Wu silently put the medicine in front of Xiao Tianyao. And then, he respectfully took a step back and wait for him to finish.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak, but he looked at the streaming bowl of medicine in a daze. And after a long while, he said: “You may go.”

Doctor Wu who feel guilty, hastily bowed down and turned to go. But, before leaving, he didn’t forget to close the door.

The hot stream of the medicine gradually dispersed, meaning the medicine is now warm. Xiao Tianyao took the medicine, and in a blink of an eye, he drink all of it. But after that, he didn’t even drink a tea. He only let the bitter taste stayed in his mouth.


Lin Chujiu speak without any care to Xiao Tianyao, but deep inside her heart, she was still very worried about his injuries. Lin Chujiu returned to her courtyard so sudden. So, she called a few times more before Zhenzhu and Feicui had reacted to her call. However, she didn’t hear their conversation, she only heard them said: “Oh, well, we’ll just figure it out.”

Zhenzhu and Feicui looks depressed. Because they don’t know if Lin Chujiu will want to hear what they will say. But, in the end, the two of them only look at each other and no longer said anything. And then, they just ask Lin Chujiu if she wants to take a bath.

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