Chapter 157: Heavenly Law and Evil Deeds (Part 2)

However, the same event happened on several major streets in the capital. And aside from those streets, various restaurants and inns didn’t become an exception. Especially, the place where most literate scholar students are present, so those incriminating evidence scattered everywhere… …


No matter what faction is, all the palace ministers wake up early in the morning. And so,  right on the top of their table, they found several pages of evidence of their fellow government official’s crime.

Nan’an Province Administrative Leader, Viscount Wang, drink virgin female’s blood in the Taoist Temple; Provincial Governor Jiu Men keep numerous young female girls in Yunan Temple outside the city; General Zhen buried corpses in the sunflower garden.

Right Prime Minister’s son killed a scholar out of jealousy; Left Prime Minister’s Housekeeper destroyed a whole family for the sake of a piece of old jade.

General Chen used force to take his sister-in-law and cruelly killed innocent people; General Liu directly orders to encircle a village and destroyed it; General Zhou’s people in the city was crying due to poverty, but his house was covered with expensive bricks and has a lot of gold.

General Wan’s men secretly kill ordinary soldiers to improve their martial arts; General Hu, to keep his power, secretly collaborated to the enemy’s spies and planted a fake evidence to frame Shang Feng … …

Who would have thought that such evidence will show up and reveal the evil deeds of government officials.

And in addition to those evidence of heinous crimes, there was also evidence for romantic affairs. Such as Princess Fushou Zhang was keeping her toy-boys in the Jin Garden.

At first, when they read the list of evidence of their fellow government official’s heinous crimes, they didn’t believe it. They thought someone was just deliberately bringing trouble to the court.

But, when a group of “righteous officials” took people to the Yunan Temple, they found skinny and abused young girls in a secret room to the underground. So, even if they don’t want to believe it, they can’t help but believe.

And also, in the secret room, there were almost two dozens of young female girls. Those girls were mostly fifteen years old, but the youngest was only eight. And once these young girls saw a man going near them, they shiver in fear right away.

Fortunately, these “righteous officials” are not unscrupulous. Because instead of enjoying the scene, they immediately take off their cloaks and cover their body. And they also look for a good place for them to stay.

In addition to Yunan Temple, there were also courageous officials, that rushed into General Zhen’s sunflower garden. The guards dug up the whole area.

In which, they found both men and women’s corpse. Some corpse looks like were buried not long ago.

The Sunflower Garden is a place of calamity, the Yunan Temple is also a bad place to go. Some people are still seeking for immortality. So next, a group of passionate officials, went and checked the Taoist Temple. And there, they found dozens of girls slaughtered for their blood.

Those girls have dozens of wounds in their wrist and body, so they look very pale.


When those dirty and inhumane sites were discovered, no one had dared to say that the paper that suddenly fell from the sky today was all nonsense.

“The heaven wants us to open our eyes and punished the evil doers.” An old man kneeled on the ground and kowtow in front of the palace.

“My son!, My son!”

“My child, mother was wrong. Mother shouldn’t have sold you. Mother shouldn’t have accepted those few silvers.”


The victim’s families cried and kneel in front of the Government Officials Residence. Hoping for them to be fair and seek justice for their dead children.

Various scholar students from all over the capital had gathered and joined the plea. They plea to the emperor to severely punish the murderers.

And when these famous scholar students of Confucius bitterly plea, the government officials could no longer do anything.

However, an hour before, when the news was still spreading throughout the capital, the emperor wanted to cover it, but he couldn’t …

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  1. This emperor if he has brains he should be happy about all these bad officials getting exposed. He should used this chance to clean up the kingdom with this vile people, but then I suppose he is one of them… Thanks for this part.

  2. I change my mind…
    Our ML is not a bad person…. misunderstanding our MC and ALMOST getting her killed is nothing compared to what those low-life officials do…..I shudder to think about how long those women/children have been captured in the mind of our author….

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