Chapter 158: Punish and Cannot defy the citizens (Part 2)

The riot outside haven’t subsided, but a civil strife strike once again. The emperor faces an endless problem, but he had no other choice but to dismissed his palace ministers and went to the inner palace to appease Princess Fushou Zhang.

Northwest Viscount Hou is not an easy man, with this incident, they cannot appease him lightly.

The palace ministers left. Right Prime Minister You, who looks like a ten-year-old with all the crying staggered while walking. But, as soon as he arrived in the palace gate, a man immediately came forward and painfully said: “Master, Young Miss, when Young Miss woke up, she couldn’t bear the humiliation, so she hit her head to the pillar and died.”

When Right Prime Minister You heard it, he fell on the ground… …

“Doctor, Doctor, quickly, call the Imperial Doctor… …”

Outside the palace, a man started shouting in panic. The crowd surrounded Right Prime Minister You. Left Prime Minister Lin Xiang also came forward to help, while waiting for the imperial doctor. 

Of course, Left Prime Minister Lin Xiang only looks very concerned on the surface. But, in actuality, he was cursing Right Prime Minister You for pretending to be ill.

Well, Lin Xiang admits that he also wanted to pretend to be ill to avoid getting involved in this crisis, but… …

He is not as cruel as him, as to let his granddaughter “hit her head on the pillar and luckily died.”

What an insult! To deceive the outsiders he will go this far. Lin Xiang is also an old fox, so he understood that to keep their family’s reputation, Right Prime Minister You force his granddaughter to “commit suicide.” 

This incident is very bad, but even if the emperor suppressed it timely. The news cannot be stopped now. The emperor can order the people not to talk about it. However, it is now very unrealistic to cover it up.

So, although the emperor wanted to protect General Jiu Mei and the others, he could no longer do so. He must give justice to his citizens, otherwise, not only there will internal conflicts, but also external conflicts… … 

The Emperor ended up doing what he doesn’t want. 


Although Xiao Tianyao didn’t go outside the Xiao Wangfu, he is very much aware of the situation outside.

After all, it can be said that things have only developed according to his plans. And soon after, under the emperor’s command, all the wicked government officials in Xiao Tianyao’s list were forced to step down in their position and was imprisoned to wait for their punishment.

But, of course, such incident didn’t shake much the emperor’s foundation. Because those vacant government official’s spots will be filled as soon as he open’s his mouth.

However, what causes the emperor’s severe headache right now, is that he didn’t expect that the evidence in Xiao Tianyao’s hand is far more than that.

According to Tiancang Pavilion, Xiao Tianyao wanted to know all crimes of his government officials, from small to the biggest, to destroy them. But, who would have thought that he only used two out of the ten evidences.

Damn it.” The emperor pounded his hand like a hammer on the table. Blood started dripping from fingers, but it seems like he doesn’t feel anything.

The emperor knew very clear that Xiao Tianyao is still threatening him. Well then, he will continue targeting his confidants. Xiao Tianyao dared to expose his people’s crimes to the public, and so he will do the same.

And if it is necessary to take back all the remaining evidence in his hands.

Then, he will find out where Xiao Tianyao printed all of them!

He has to……

What can be done is done. But, some things only remain as a wish. After three days and three nights of searching, the emperor’s spies found a printing house with the incriminating evidence. But right now, it was almost empty except for some printing samples.

After three days and three nights of tracking, the emperor’s spies found some people that spread the evidence in the capital. However, they all ran to nearest river and lake, then they commit suicide. Those men all died, so they could no longer charge Xiao Tianyao.

If Xiao Tianyao moves his hands, it will always be this clean. So, even if the emperor wants to grab him, that would be very impossible… …

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  1. Im surprise this country hasnt been taken over because of all the conflicts and corrupt people. Tsk tsk tsk I feel bad for LC that she has to transmigrate in such a world full of a $$ holes.

    Thanks for the chapter

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