Chapter 159: Abnormal and The dust settles (Part 2)

“Burn and spread a news tonight!” Xiao Tianyao said because he also didn’t intend to sweep away all the palace ministers.

Those people are really a scam, but who can guarantee that the new recruit officials will not be a scam?

So, instead of nurturing a new group of hungry ghost to consume the people’s flesh and blood. It’s better to let these current group stay full.

“Burn them all? No exception?” Liu Bai asked in distressed.

We paid thousand of silvers ah.

“Burn them all.” Xiao Tianyao said casually.

With one hundred thousand of silvers, he reclaimed all of his confidants, so it’s all worth it!

Those list of evidence is no longer useful. It is only now a hot potato in their hands. Because if they won’t deal with them immediately, they will really get in trouble.

The same night, Su Cha and Liu Bai formulate a plan. And then, they quietly ordered some people to spread a news saying: Xiao Wangye’s bought information to Tiancang Pavillion got all burned.

On the same night, on the east side of the capital, the Anping Bookstore caught on fire, but no one gets killed or injured.

After investigating, they learned that the bookstore owner was a foreigner. However, after the fire, no one came to report or came forward to claim the bookstore was his.

So, everyone made a guess, that the bookstore owner must be Xiao Wangye. And all those things that got burned are not books, but the list of evidence.

Of course, some people did not believe it. And one of them is the Emperor. Why will Xiao Tianyao burn the things that can threaten him and his people? So, to verify it, the Emperor sent someone to Tiancang Pavillion. 

Tiancang Pavillion vaguely repeated what Xiao Tianyao had spread. Xiao Wangye really burned all the evidence, so you can now feel at ease.

Although the Tiancang Pavilion was a sly organization, they never gave false news. So, when the palace ministers heard it, they felt relieved. They can finally sleep peacefully. They no longer need to think how are they going to kill Xiao Tianyao. Everything went back to normal, but… …

“Why did Tiancang Pavillion just vaguely repeated Tianyao’s words?” The Emperor was very upset. He finally managed to corner Xiao Tianyao because of those confidants, but everything turns into bubbles.

“Tiancang Pavillion has always been afraid of Xiao Wangye. They must have done it to make up for selling him off before.” The Chief of Investigation said his own speculation.

This speculation is not wrong, but …

Before, Tiancang Pavillion is not a bit scared of Xiao Tianyao, so how come they suddenly compromise with him?

What did they discover?

“Did they learn something about Tianyao’s condition?” Tiancang Pavillion will not be afraid of Xiao Tianyao, unless… …

His legs were healed!


The Emperor’s guess is not wrong. Because Xiao Tianyao’s legs are now completely healed!

Lin Chujiu also couldn’t understand it: How could his wounds recover this fast?

“This is impossible!” How many days has it been? 

Ten days have only passed, but Xiao Tianyao’s legs completely got healed without sutures… …

This is simply a God-like ability!

“Nothing is impossible.” At this very moment, Xiao Tianyao can already abandon his wheelchair and stand up directly. But, he is not doing so, to deceive the public.

“This is beyond my common sense ah.” Even though the fact is already in front of her. Lin Chujiu can’t still understand it.

This is too unscientific!

After all, how can a normal person recover so fast? This is simply a proof that Xiao Tianyao is a masochist!

Lin Chujiu’s stunned image was very pleasing to Xiao Tianyao’s eyes. But, after remembering how Lin Chujiu spoiled his body before, Xiao Tianyao said with a very serious face: “This… … Right after seeing it, you shouldn’t judge benwang’s body by merely using common sense. Later on, you can’t curse benwang right under his nose, to be made fun by others.”

“You … …” Curse your sister!

Lin Chujiu’s cheeks blush.

She is angry, but she also feels shy.

She seems like a dog that trying to catch a mouse ah. She will be in charge of his rehabilitation in the future, so she might as well tried to write her surname upside down… … 

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  1. Now that XTY’s legs are healed, does that meant we would see a good progress on the couple’s relationship i.e. marital nights etc….. Thanks for this part.

    1. She technically berated him harshly by being perfectly blunt in her choice of words as well as sounding infuriated at his lack of respect for her as a doctor/surgeon.

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