Chapter 160: Birthday and Be careful who to trust (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction: “Hearing Wangye’s words made me feel relieved. Reply back to Princess Fu An, tell her I will be there on time.”

Princess Fu An is the current Emperor’s biological younger sister. She is also his favorite meimei. Her relationship with the current Empress is also good. So, whether it is a birthday party or not, it will surely be grand and luxurious.

Ever since Lin Chujiu married into the Xiao Wangfu, aside from going to the palace, she didn’t join any social circle in the capital. So, it can be said, that this is her first appearance to the public as Princess Xiao. An occasion that she can’t lose a face.

But, of course, her four maidservants didn’t dare to say out loud those words.

Perhaps, because Lin Chujiu punished them before by kneeling. Especially, Shanshu, every time she will see Lin Chujiu, she will talk cautiously, in fear of making her unhappy again.

In fact, Lin Chujiu wanted to tell Shanshu that she doesn’t need to be cautious. At that time, she was indeed unhappy, so she punished them as a warning. But now, as long as she won’t make the same mistake again, she will let it aside. 

Feicui and the others are her maidservants, but she doesn’t care even if they are loyal to her or not.


Early morning of April 12, the four maidservants help Lin Chujiu to dress up.

Her clothes were newly made by Xiao Wangfu’s personal embroidery. Her jewelry was also newly bought. So, whether it is the style or the materials, Lin Chujiu is worthy to be called a Princess.

It’s just too bad, all her dowry clothes are ugly. The quality of her dowry clothes are good, but once Lin Chujiu wears them. She turns into a rainbow fish. Not to mention, even her four maidservants wouldn’t dare to wear them, because they really looked so ugly.

Xiao Wangfu’s personal embroidery’s hand is very clever, she made her dress looks so delicate and fit. The red lining in her clothes shines brightly as she moves. The pattern in her sleeves also shines like a gold. So overall, Lin Chujiu’s appearance revealed her noble identity.

The gold embroidery in her black waistband cleverly reveals the shape of her body. Her slightly big sleeves that sway in the air as she moves shows an indescribable charm.

Ooohh, Wangfei is truly elegant, dignified, graceful and generous ah!

Although this is not their first time to see Lin Chujiu dress up. They still couldn’t help but give a praise.

Their Wangfei is still in her early age, but her body emits an air that is not any lesser to the Empress.

“Wangfei, you are definitely the most beautiful lady in today’s party.” Feicui gives her praise.

Today is Princess Fu An’s birthday. So, she shouldn’t dress so beautifully. And knowing how bad their relationship is, she should avoid too much attention, right?

No women don’t want to see their beautiful appearance. Lin Chujiu is no exception to this. So, seeing her beautiful image in the mirror, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but smile and jokingly said: “There is no need to be the most beautiful lady. I am not looking for a good husband. I am already married. So, better give that opportunity to the other young miss.”

Seeing her in a good mood, Feicui couldn’t help but also jokingly said: “The good husband has already been caught by you Wangfei. So, those unmarried young ladies surely envy you.”

Xiao Tianyao is a good husband?

How can you say such words without batting an eye?

Lin Chujiu didn’t say out loud the words that are on her mind. She also didn’t show it on her face, she only smiles and said: “How sweet of you.”

Outside, Xiao Tianyao heard Lin Chujiu and her maidservant’s conversation, so he couldn’t help but reveal a smile… …

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  1. I supposed she did really caught a good husband if only all of it is smooth sailing from the very beginning between them even with all the hardships they have to deal…. Thanks for this chapter.

  2. I’m somehow feeling embarrassed for XTY—he might be feeling butterflies in his stomach or giddy with LCJ’s words but Dude, it’s sarcasm y’know!! Your like too late and he has yet to realize it. It’s like they’re never in the same page but gaaah….XTY, hang in there 🙈🌚
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