Chapter 162: Bullied and I am arrogant (Part 1)

“What happened? Who made Princess Xiao upset?” The person hasn’t arrived, but she said as a first remark.

Princess Fu An’s voice is so soft and gentle. Uninformed people will think that she is a good person.

Lin Chujiu didn’t move until Princess Fu An get close. And then, she lightly said: “Princess Fu An”

It can be said that Lin Chujiu’s identity is much higher than Princess Fu An. But, because Princess Fu An is Xiao Tianyao’s older sister. Lin Chujiu had no choice but to take the initiative to pay respect.

“Princess Xiao is very polite, is Prince Xiao okay?” Princess Fu An nodded her head and lightly laughed. No matter what she truly feels, the surface of her is always smiling.

“Princess Fu An greets Princess Xiao.” In age, Princess Fu An is more like Lin Chujiu’s mother. But, because Lin Chujiu’s status is much higher than her, she had no choice but to show her respect.

“No need for ceremony.” Lin Chujiu calmly said. She didn’t make any adjustment in her mood as if she didn’t have any discomfort in paying respect earlier.

A great person can create a great environment or change because of the great environment. Right now, Lin Chujiu could only adapt herself in this place. Well, she has always been good in this aspect.

After both parties paid their respect, Princess Fu An didn’t invite Lin Chujiu to get in. Rather, she looks at the guard that keeps kowtowing in front of Lin Chujiu and said: “What is this? Does this servant had a collision with Princess Xiao? This is not the palace, when the messenger handed the news, this princess had just taken out Brother Imperial Emperor’s gift, so this princess was one step late. Princess Xiao, please don’t take it to heart.”

Princess Fu An still has this smile on her face, her eyes don’t have any trace of malice. But, her words are extremely sharp.

She uses the emperor to put a pressure on me?

Doesn’t she know what Xiao Wangye has been doing to the emperor?

Lin Chujiu contemptuously said: “Princess Fu An’s words are heavy, the watchdogs only act according to its owner’s will. So, why will this princess put it into heart?”

“Princess Xiao please speak cautiously, this lowly one might be Princess Fu An’s servant, but was also raise by my parents.” The guard who was kneeling on the ground suddenly looked up and revealed his miserable appearance.

“Oh, my god! Your badly wounded.” Princess Fu An exclaimed and added: “Princess Xiao, although the guard is considered a servant, you shouldn’t bully him like this. We should only scold them.”

“Princess Xiao, he’s badly hurt, can’t you let him go now? Besides, he is right, a person is a person, so how can you… … how can you call him a dog.”

“Princess Xiao, although you are an Imperial  Princess and has a distinguished status, you shouldn’t verbally abuse or arbitrarily bully a person. What’s wrong with being a servant? Should you abuse or bully every servant under you? Aren’t the servants human too?”

The young misses behind Princess Fu An speak with mild words at first. But, when Princess Fu An didn’t stop them from speaking, their words become more and more heavy.

“I heard when Princess Xiao haven’t married into the Xiao Wangfu, she was a very arrogant young miss. But,… … now that she become an Imperial Princess, she becomes must worst ah. No wonder Prince Xiao doesn’t like this marriage. Perhaps, one day she will be thrown away.”  A young miss wearing a yellow dress arbitrarily criticized Lin Chujiu.

But as soon as she finished, Lin Chujiu who didn’t speak for a long time suddenly said: “Come, slap!”

The people haven’t figured out what’s wrong, but when Lin Chujiu finished her words. The maidservant behind her came forward and stood in front of the young miss that had just spoken. And then, the maidservant raised her hand and slap the young miss’s face for two times.

*Pa-, Pa-*

“This is, what’s going on?” The young miss next to the being beaten young miss got scared. While the other young misses look at Lin Chujiu one by one with a horrified face.

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