Chapter 165: Provocation and totally ignored (Part 2)

On the spot, these young misses showed their talent in painting, writing, dancing and playing zither… … Their skill levels are very high, so several times, a loud round of applause could be heard. In return, Princess Fu An generously rewarded the young misses that performed.

The young misses who performed are all unmarried girls. So, aside from pleasing Princess Fu An, they also came forward to reveal their beautiful face. Hoping to get themselves a good husband.

Originally, these young misses performance has nothing to do with a married girl like Lin Chujiu. But, for some reason, there are people that keep staring at her.

“Princess Xiao, I will perform next, but I need someone to assist me, can you help me a bit?” A young miss wearing a blue dress said. Her eyes fearlessly and provocatively stared at Lin Chujiu while speaking.

Feicui came forward and whispered to Lin Chujiu’s ears: “General Cheng’s daughter, her sister was married to General Zhen Yuan who committed a crime and was exiled to the border.”

To put it simply, she is one of the many new enemy of Xiao Tianyao.

When Cheng Xiaoqi finished her words, the venue quiets down for a few moment. Everyone look at the young miss and then look at Lin Chujiu.

Seeing Lin Chujiu have no interest to answer, Cheng Xiaoqi lightly smile, but provocatively added: “Princess Xiao, can’t you? Rest assured, there will be no danger.”

Lin Chujiu still didn’t give an answer, she only stared at her with a smile, as if she was staring at a naive girl.

Although she is not older than this girl, her identity is there. So, why would she need to pay attention to this little girl’s provocation, right?

After repeatedly being ignored, Cheng Xiaoqi angrily looks at Lin Chujiu: “Princess Xiao … …”

But this time, she hasn’t finished her words when Feicui interrupted: “Shut up! Young Miss, you only didn’t know how to pay respect, but you also dare speak with our Princess directly!”

“I talked to Princess Xiao, so what? What are you anyway? Get out of here!” Cheng Xiaoqi is not only a simple daughter of a general but also the youngest daughter in the family. So, since childhood, she was pampered.

Of course, with the little girl’s dispute, Feicui disdainfully reply: “What is your qualification to speak with our Wangfei? Call your mother!”

“This is my own business, my mother doesn’t need to come in. Princess Xiao’s identity might be distinguished, but mine is also not bad. So, why I can’t talk to her? If Princess Xiao is scared, I will not force her.” Cheng Xiaoqi looks very proud, so a person doesn’t know if she really understands her position.


Feicui disdain to the little girl reach its limit, so she looks at Princess Fu An and said: “Princess, is this how you show your hospitality?”

After being named, Princess Fu An no longer felt good to watch the show, so she smile at Lin Chujiu: “Princess Xiao, today is my birthday, the children are just having fun, so please don’t take it to heart.”

“Imperial sister-in-law must be joking, as you said she is nothing but a child, so she carelessly missed to recognized her own identity.” Lin Chujiu speak with a casual tone, her voice is not cold nor proud. But, it makes Cheng Xiaoqi feel embarrassed.

Since the beginning, Lin Chujiu didn’t take her seriously.

The little girl couldn’t stand the humiliation, so kneel in front of Princess Fu An and said: “Princess, I prepared a special gift for you. I secretly practice at home for more than six months. If you will give me a chance, I’m sure you will be delighted.”

“How thoughtful of you.” Princess Fu An looks at the little girl with love: “Permit, this imperial princess permits you.”

Cheng Xiaoqi immediately turned with a smile, then happily said: “Princess, I need someone to help me with this gift. I wonder if I could invite Princess Xiao to help me?”

Princess Fu An did not respond, but she shyly looks at Lin Chujiu while saying: “Princess Xiao, may you… …”

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