Chapter 167: Fireworks and Wangye should have seen (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu don’t know how to use a bow and an arrow!

But, don’t get her wrong, Lin Chujiu is not standing there only for decoration. In fact, she learned archery before. However, to accurately give a shot? That is very difficult for her.

That is … … the sad reality.

Lin Chujiu stretch out the bowstring but didn’t dare to shoot.

If she “missed” the shot and injured Cheng Xiaoqi, as long as she denies it, who would dare say that she did it intentionally?

However, she just said that Xiao Tianyao, the God of War personally taught her. So, if she missed this shot, wouldn’t Xiao Tianyao lose his face?

Lin Chujiu haven’t shoot because she was full of worries. But, she’s not alone. Because the other young misses were worried too. It’s just her smiling face was very deceiving. So, the others couldn’t notice it. Inside their mind, Lin Chujiu was only teasing Cheng Xiaoqi.

Cheng Xiaoqi’s mother is not present. A few young misses were close to her so they wanted to help. But, seeing Princess Fu An didn’t make a move, they understood that she already abandoned her. So, this time, the few young misses also lose their courage to stop Lin Chujiu.

After waiting for a long time, no one still speaks for her and Lin Chujiu haven’t shot. Cheng Xiaoqi carefully opened her eyes: “Princess… …?” In the end, are you going to shoot or not?

“Geez, not good. Miss Cheng, stop shaking your hands!” Lin Chujiu squinted her eyes, while carefully calculating inside her heart.

“I, I’m not.” Cheng Xiaoqi said, but her hands shook even more.

Princess Xiao’s eyes look scary, is she going to kill me?

“Your hands were shaking so bad if I accidentally injured you, what will you do ah?” Lin Chujiu deliberately blame Cheng Xiaoqi. And then, she put down the bow and arrow and then walked towards her.

“Princess, Princess Xiao, what are you going to do?” Cheng Xiaoqi in fright shouted. But, it seems her foot got buried on the ground because she couldn’t move.

“I’m going to help you adjust your hands, so I won’t miss.” Lin Chujiu smile gently, but Cheng Xiaoqi only felt more terrible. Because she found out that her hands seem unable to move.

“Why are your hands so stiff? Didn’t you said that once the fireworks explode the person under it will become more beautiful?” Lin Chujiu said then pinch Cheng Xiaoqi’s cheek as if she was only a kid.

However, Cheng Xiaoqi revealed an even more ugly smile.

Seeing Lin Chujiu make things more hard for Cheng Xiaoqi, the other young misses could no longer bear to look.

Princess Fu An doesn’t have any interest in the fireworks, she only helps Cheng Xiaoqi because of their plan.

But, poor Cheng Xiaoqi, she becomes a puppet. Lin Chujiu adjusted Cheng Xiaoqi’s hands and back. But, Cheng Xiaoqi’s keep disobeying her. And so, Lin Chujiu made her turn around twice.

Cheng Xiaoqi’s face flushed in shame, and soon her eyes become teary.

However, Lin Chujiu was very reluctant to let her go: “Miss Cheng, why don’t you smile a little, so that this gift may reach Princess Fu An’s expectation.”

After she left, Lin Chujiu adjusted her hands according to Cheng Xiaoqi’s height and then said: “Make sure your hands are steady, I’m preparing to shoot.”

After she finished, with a “snap” sound, the arrow hit the firework… …


After the loud noise, a white smoke spreads. The loaded colored confetti also started to fall in the sky as soon as it explodes.

“Ah …” Cheng Xiaoqi screamed out loud. As she screamed, the other firework slipped from her hand. With another loud * bang* sound, the fireworks explode with butterfly-shaped colored papers and leaves, as the white smoke spread all over the place.

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  1. It sounds pretty, but potentially dangerous even without the archery. Maybe it’s some kind of compressed air, or dry ice piñata?

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