Chapter 167: Fireworks and Wangye should have seen (Part 2)

Cheng Xiaoqi and Lin Chujiu were still in the middle. As the wind blows towards their direction, the butterfly-shaped colored papers and leaves started rotating around them. Making the scene looks very beautiful… …

Of course, the premise is to ignore Cheng Xiaoqi who screamed out loud and fall to the ground in fright.

The two cone shape fireworks are not similar to the original fireworks. It can be said that they are much better. Because of its special materials, many butterfly-shaped colored papers, leaves and colored strip silk could be put inside. And as the pressure erupted, everything that was put inside will spread in the sky… …

Lin Chujiu who was standing in the middle, watched the colored materials up above her. But, as soon as she smelled an unscented odor, the smile on her face widen: “It is truly special, even the scent was very special.”

Among all the people that were present, I’m afraid only Lin Chujiu has the mood to enjoy the fireworks.

Cheng Xiaoqi’s words before is not false, as the butterfly-shaped papers and leaves linger around her body. Lin Chujiu who was standing in the middle really looks very beautiful.

“Beautiful, Wangye should have seen this.” Feicui and the other maidservants look intoxicated. They can’t even wait to drag their Wangye in this place.

“Yes, Wangye should have come with us.” Shanshu repetitively nodded her head.

The most beautiful moment of these fireworks is when it explodes and spread in the sky! But, afterward, these colored materials will be nothing but a pile of trash.

After the colored materials of the fireworks fell, Lin Chujiu casually throw the bow and arrows on the ground. And then, she patted away the shredder papers and leaves on her body. She didn’t look at the paralyzed Cheng Xiaoqi, she only turned around and walked towards the audience.

The other young misses don’t know how are they going to give praise to the fireworks until Princess Fu An herself said that it was beautiful.

“Miss Cheng is right, these fireworks are really beautiful.”

“Princess Xiao looks so beautiful under it as if she was a fairy.”

Words with full of praise came one after another. But, as for Cheng Xiaoqi? They completely ignored her. Princess Fu An look at the person next to her, and this person immediately came close to Cheng Xiaoqi to help her out.

The next moment, the other young misses continue to perform their talent. As if nothing had happened in general, but… …

This time, no one seriously look at them, especially Princess Fu An!

Princess Fu An didn’t pay much attention to the stage. From time to time, she sweeps her eyes towards Lin Chujiu. Seeing Lin Chujiu not as lively as before, Princess Fu An couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

At this point in time, Lin Chujiu was propping her head on her left hand, while her right hand was trying to hold down the glass wine that was swaying.

Her cheeks were flushing like a red apple, her eyes were covered with mist. In that condition, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but lazily rest her body.

The young miss finished her performance, but as to what did she perform? Princess Fu An doesn’t know. However, Princess Fu An was very happy and clapped in exaggeration.

“Indeed, really good.” Lin Chujiu said in a low voice. Lin Chujiu’s voice is as small as a mosquito, so Zhenzhu and Feicui didn’t hear it clearly. They thought Lin Chujiu was calling them, so they busily bent down and asked: “Wangfei, did you call us?”

“Yeah, I called you …” Lin Chujiu said with a hoarse voice, then added: “I’m a bit dizzy, help me go to rest.”

At this moment, I better act like a drunk, right?

If I don’t act like a drunk, Princess Fu An will be restless… …

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