Chapter 168: Trap and A much bigger scandal (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s eyes look confused and her cheeks were flushed with red. In just one glance, a person will know that she is drunk!

Feicui and the others were speechless: Wangfei didn’t know how to control her alcohol intake? To get drunk on such occasion, a person really doesn’t know what to say.

Feicui and others know they must do something. After sighing, Feicui went close to the Wanfu Garden servant and asked them to prepare a room so that Lin Chujiu could rest.

No matter what kind of banquet is held, the host always prepare a resting place for the guests. So, Feicui’s request is not surprising. The servant told Feicui to wait for a bit.

A few moments later, the servant came with Princess Fu An.

Feicui had long guessed what Princess Fu An will ask, so she didn’t wait for her to open her mouth and dared to speak first: “Our Wangfei drink a few glasses of cider and felt some discomfort. Please allow us to arrange a room and let our Wangfei had some rest.”

Princess Fu An listened and said with concern: “Drunk? There is an imperial doctor in the garden. Do you want this imperial princess to send the doctor and check her condition?”

“This slave thank Princess Fu An. But, Wangfei is not drunk. Wangfei only felt a little discomfort and wanted to rest.” Feicui refused.

Is this a joke? Princess Fu An is obviously not a kind person. Who knows if her invited imperial doctor will only make things worse. If that imperial doctor boiled a medicine, will their Wangfei be able to refuse?

“Alright.” Princess Fuan didn’t insist anymore and just said to the servant next to her: “Jin Yu, take Princess Xiao to the Xiaoxiang Hall to rest.”

“This slave will obey.” A little girl came forward, her behavior is very firm, obviously, she’s Princess Fu An’s people.

After arranging a servant, Princess Fu An told to Feicui: “Jin Yu is very familiar with this place. If you need some other things. You can talk and ask her.”  After she finished, Princess Fu An looks at Jin Yu: “Don’t neglect Princess Xiao.”

After saying a few more words, Princess Fu An let them go.

When Lin Chujiu arrives, she caught everyone’s attention. So, naturally, her departure will also catch everyone’s eyes. However, the Cui Furens didn’t dare to ask any questions, they only expose a thoughtful look… …

The Xiaoxiang Hall is built in the middle of a bamboo forest. The house itself was made from bamboo. After looking around, Feicui and Zhenzhu were very satisfied with it. They thanked Jin Yu and helped Lin Chujiu enter the house to rest.

After letting her hair that was tied in a bun fall and removing her coat, Feicui and Zhanzhu help Lin Chujiu to lie down: “Wangfei, have a good rest. This slave will guard you outside and keep you safe.”

The backyard was only full of women. The guardsmen that came with Lin Chujiu can’t come in. So now, Lin Chujiu’s safety only depends on her four maidservants.

“Good.” Lin Chujiu said with a clear voice. If only her eyes did not look confused and her cheeks were not flushed in red, the four maidservants will suspect that Lin Chujiu is not actually drunk.

When Feicui and Zhanzhu went out, Shanhu and Manao were talking to Jin Yu. But, when they see Zhenzhu, they immediately stop talking. Jin Yu open her mouth and ask: “Is Princess Xiao now sleeping?”

“Thank you, Miss Jin Yu for your concern. Wangfei has already fallen asleep.” After Feicui thanks her, Jin Yu didn’t dare to be a busy buddy: “This is what I must do. If there is nothing else, I will go back now. Princess Fu An is still waiting.”

“Miss Jin Yu take care on your way.” After Feicui sent her out, Jin Yu seems to remember something and said: “Oh, right. There is a small kitchen near the Xiaoxiang Hall. There were common kitchen utensils in there. You can ask someone there to prepare a meal, but you can also cook on your own.”

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