Chapter 170: The crime scene and To sealed one’s mouth (Part 1)

*Flip, flop* … … several footsteps get near and near. Just by hearing it, a person will know a lot of people were coming. Several female’s voices could also be heard.

This parade……

“Catch the assassins? I think it’s more like to catch an illicit act!”

Lin Chujiu sneer and urge Feicui and Zhanzhu to get up fast. They should no longer stay in this place.

Feicui and Zhanzhu lean on each other and got up: “Wangfei, we are in the middle of the bamboo forest. Where are we going?”

“Anywhere is fine, we can’t stay here.” This place is not a good place. The farther they are, the better.

Although she killed the four big men out of self-defense, she doesn’t want other people to learn that she can kill four big men.

This kind of trump card is best to keep a secret, she shouldn’t let other people know. Only by doing this, she can save her life at a critical moment.

Lin Chujiu turned around and walked in front. Feicui and Zhanzhu support each other and follow behind her. At this moment, they didn’t dare to mention Shanhu and Manao. Because they need to get out from this dangerous place first.

While Lin Chujiu and her two maidservants run away. The guards from the Wanfu Garden rushed to the Xiaoxang Hall and saw the door wide open. The Chief Guard shout: “Oh, the assassins rushed into the room!”

“Hurry! Get inside! Princess Xiao got into an accident!”

Obviously, he didn’t see anything, but he screamed for the guards to rush in. As soon as the guardsmen entered the room, they all got dumbfounded… … 

“Princess Xiao … …” What Princess?

“Blargh…” The coward guards vomit directly.

“What? What happened? Where are the assassins?” The Chief Guard who didn’t understand the situation look at his companions and asked.

What assassins? We didn’t even see a single assassin! This is more like a crime scene!

What Princess Xiao?

Who are this four dead people? 

The guards who are standing in the room don’t know the truth. They stayed for a while to find clues. However, they don’t know how to start.

According to Princess Fu An’s plan, while Lin Chujiu was under the protection of the guards, she and the chosen young misses she brought must come inside. However, they haven’t arrived inside, but Princess Fu An said: “What happened to Princess Xiao? Didn’t I tell you to protect her? No matter what, you should have prioritized Princess Xiao’s safety.”

After she finished, Princess Fu An leads the other people near the house. The guards retreated to give way to her.

“Ahhhh… ….”

Princess Fu An shouted as part of her plan, but… …

She didn’t see Lin Chujiu’s illicit act. Instead, her loud screamed was directed at the four dead people.

“What, what’s going on?” Upon seeing, Princess Fu An become pale and lean on the maidservant behind her.

The Chief Guard kneel down with one knee, then said: “We don’t know what’s going on.”

The four dead people… Princess Fu An knows them very well. They are the people she hired to tainted Lin Chujiu. However, they are all dead, but Lin Chujiu was nowhere to be found.

“You … bastard!” Princess Fu An couldn’t breathe in anger. She lifted up her feet and kick the Chief Guard in the chest.

The Chief Guard didn’t dare to retreat and let himself fell on the floor. However, when he heard a *squeaking* sound, he shook his arm and screamed: “Ahhhhhh… …”

The young miss behind Princess Fu An heard the noise, so she also went inside. But, when she saw the bloody scene inside the house, she screamed out loud and got stunned.

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