Chapter 173: Frightened horse and Where to go (Part 2)

“I’m tired because of this busy day. I’ll sleep for a while. Wake me up when we arrived.” Lin Chujiu was really tired, she knows it will take an hour before they arrive, so she wanted to rest.

Feicui vaguely knew what happened in the Xiaoxang Hall. So, she knew that Lin Chujiu was really tired. Although she doesn’t know, how a weak woman like Lin Chujiu kills four big men. It didn’t prevent her from worshiping her.

Because Lin Chujiu said that she was going to sleep. The coachman slows down his driving so that she could sleep comfortably.

However, Lin Chujiu’s sleep is not stable. Her mind was full of bloody images of what happened earlier.

This is not the first time Lin Chujiu killed people. In M country, people are allowed to carry legal firearms. She had to kill people for self-protection. Coupled with her special work, sometimes she really needs to shoot people. Although killing people is not her common practice, it is not a strange thing for her. So, this time, she really can’t understand herself. She is not the kind of person that is scared of blood… …

Is something bad will happen?

Lin Chujiu was in a semi-conscious state. Her mind was dizzy. She knew she was only dreaming, but she couldn’t wake up.

Damn it!

Lin Chujiu really wanted to swear out loud, but she couldn’t make a sound. She couldn’t wake up from this nightmare.

At this point in time, the carriage suddenly rolled over!

The horse that was pulling the cart suddenly get panic and stopped. The carriage rolled over due to force… …

“Ahhh… …” Feicui and the others screamed, as they nearly fall.

“Something bad really happened?” Lin Chujiu just woke up from her nightmare and was unprepared. So, she was directly thrown outside.

“Wangfei… …” Feicui and the others rush to pull Lin Chujiu, but it was too late. They could only watch Lin Chujiu fly outside.

Lin Chujiu was already awake when the carriage was about to roll over, but her body didn’t respond in time. Only the coachman was able to jump outside. Knowing that she couldn’t escape this dilemma, Lin Chujiu calmly clasped her hand over her head and adjusted her body. With this, the impact of her fall will be lessened… …

*Plop* Lin Chujiu fell to the side of the road. Fortunately, she fell on the muddy grasses, she didn’t hit her head.

As soon as the Lin Chujiu fell, she check herself. Her left arm was hit by a sharp stone. The blood started to ooze, it was painful, but at least it’s not broken.

“My life is really great ah.” Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to waste time, she climbed up quickly. Then, patted away the muddy grasses on her dress.

“Wangfei was frightened, this subordinate is at fault.” The guard immediately rushed over and plead guilty.

Lin Chujiu frown slightly and asked: “What happened?” She thought she was being assassinated, so she almost got scared to death.

“The horse was frightened.” A few guards explained in a respectful manner and added: “Wangfei, we are still far from the capital. Please get inside the carriage immediately, we must return as soon as possible.”

Obviously, these guards were aware of what happened.

Additionally, Xiao Wangfu’s horses were specially trained, so how could it get easily frightened? Just by thinking about this, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but frown. Lin Chujiu walked towards the carriage without saying anything.

After all, she still doesn’t want to die ah!

“Wangfei, are you alright? This slave should die.” Feicui and the others staggered as they come out from the carriage. Although the four of them didn’t fall, their face and body were full of bruises.

“I’m okay, let’s get inside first.”

“Wangfei, the carriage is still good, we can go now.” The coachman shouted.

“Go?” In the mid-air, a rough voice of a male suddenly sounded: “Where will you go?”

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  1. There is a very big part of me that wants Lin Chujiu to ask this guy to kidnap her away from the Xiao fu. Maybe that way she could get a better life. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. There’s a big part of me where i want Lin chujiu to use this guy to help her leave the clutches of Wangye and start arc 2 – life without Wangye is better. Meantime wangye can sulk all he likes, fail at his ambitions and what nots and NEVER get back together with Chujiu.

    1. Lol love your comment. While we are all thinking this is a new ML or how chujiu should use him to leave wangye. You went right for the kill! 👍

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