Chapter 175: Xiao Tianyao, I hate you… (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu closed her eyes and just wait for her death. However, the next moment, a gush of wind suddenly passed from behind her. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what exactly happened. She only heard a *Plang* sound twice. When she opened her eyes, the two arrows that were about to hit her fly away.

“What?” Lin Chujiu turned her head to look. But, when she turned her head, she saw a red figure far away behind her for a few meters.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t see the man’s face. She could only see his fluttering cloak. The man’s cloak was spinning in the air. His cloak was like a blood that circling in a hot pot, but everyone couldn’t help but get stunned.

“Demon Lord!” Zhou Si, who just escaped the guardsmen was ready to leave. But suddenly, an invincible force locked him in his current place and he couldn’t move.

“Killing people right under the eyes of this lord. Your courage is big.” His voice sounds so cold and arrogant. And has no trace of emotion.

“This villain didn’t know that Demon Lord is here. This villain asks the Demon Lord’s forgiveness. This villain will leave immediately.”  Zhou Si bowed down his head, but his hand that was holding the bow tightened.

“Hmm…” The man in the bloody garment whispered. Under the bright sunlight, his ghostly face was exposed to the crowd. His blood red eyes made him look like a devil in hell. In just one glance, a person’s soul could fly out in fear.

Zhou Si and the guardsmen felt an extreme fear. So, no one has dared to speak. Even their breathing becomes shallow, in fear of alarming the devil.

The man in the bloody garment, the Demon Lord, is not in a hurry to speak. He leisurely plays his finger over the bright green bamboo leaf and then plucks it.

It was only a small gesture, but nobody dared to move. However, their heart seems slowly beats right after demon lord’s movement.

This is Demon Lord’s dominating oppression!

Zhou Si was ten meters away from Demon Lord. But, even with such a distance, Zhou Si’s back was sweating under his pressure.

Zhou Si felt regret. If only he knew that he will encounter this devil in this place, then he shouldn’t take the risk.

For a long time, Zhou Si didn’t hear an answer. He felt scared, his Adam apple’s move up and down. Obviously, nothing is happening, but he felt like he was in an extreme battle.

“Demon Lord… …” Zhou Si opens his mouth carefully.

“Want this lord to give you a ride?” The demon lord was referring to take a person’s life.

“Demon Lord, please have mercy!” Zhou Si bowed down his head and plead. But, his eyes flash with an intention to kill.

Everyone knows that Demon Lord never accepts a plea. No matter who the person is, if he wants to kill, he will kill without mercy. If he didn’t kill the person, it only means the person’s life is irrelevant.

Demon Lord has such an arrogant personality.

But right now, Demon Lord asked Zhou Si: “Are you going to kill yourself or this lord will make a move?”

“Demon Lord… …” Zhou Si’s face becomes pale, as his sweat flows down in his body like a rain.

“Hmmp?” The Demon Lord only snorted. Zhou Si didn’t dare to say a word again. After a few minutes of silence, he said: “I, I will commit suicide.”

He will die miserably right under this demon lord’s hand!

“This lord will not give you another chance to breathe.” The Demon Lord completely forced Zhou Si to take his own life. Zhou Si closes his eyes and says: “Yes, Demon Lord.”

Zhou Si firmly holds the bow in his hand and looked at it with nostalgia… …

He doesn’t want to die!

But, he can only survive if he beat Demon Lord.

Zhou Si raised his hand on the top of his head and slowly closed his eyes. His other hand move under his chin.

All the people, including Lin Chujiu, watch Zhou Si to commit suicide. However… …

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