Chapter 176: I have a medicine, are you sick? (Part 1)

In the next second, the situation suddenly changes!

Zhou Si didn’t commit suicide, instead, he stretches out his hand that was holding the bow and point it directly at Demon Lord.

“Demon Lord, I know you are very powerful, but I don’t want to die yet, so you can go to hell first!” Zhou Si may have killed so many people, but he was more afraid of death than the average person. So, even if he was facing Demon Lord, he is not willing to accept his death.

The bow is empty, there were no arrows, but Zhou Si feels so confident.

“No arrow?” Demon Lord didn’t look at Zhou Si. Instead, he looked at the bow that was in Zhou Si’s hand with interest: “This lord didn’t expect that your last arrow was inside the bow. Wonderful.”

This praise is more like a reminder.

“You, how did you know?” The last arrow was inside the bow. Where exactly is it? Well, he was the only one in this whole that knows the answer. Because the craftsman that created this bow has long been killed by him. No one else should have known this.

Demon Lord finally looks at Zhou Si. But, his blood red eyes were full of ridicule: “You are stupid. You dare to point the bow without an arrow to this lord, meaning you have a chance of winning. Unfortunately… … even if you use your three shot arrows, it wouldn’t be enough to call a surprise attack.”

Most people will not defend themselves in front of a bow without an arrow. However, he is Demon Lord, he is not the same.

When Zhou Si heard Demon Lord’s words, his hand trembles: “Even if you know about it, I won’t let you go.”

Regardless of his sore arm, Zhou Si pulled up the bow and pointed it to Demon Lord.

With a *creak* sound, a small hole opened up, as his murderous intent rise… …

*Ploop, Ploop* Zhou Si’s bright red blood flow down from his arm. But, he didn’t loosen his grip to the bow. As long as this “last arrow” fly towards Demon Lord… …

“Demon Lord, go to hell!” Zhou Si stared grimly at Demon Lord, as he loosens his grip a bit. He waited for the last arrow to fly, but… …


Zhou Si exhausted himself to shoot. But, the bow in his hand fell to the ground.

How is this possible?

Zhou Yi was standing in the same place like a pile of wood, but suddenly, blood flows out from the corner of his mouth: “You are not a… … human!”

Demon Lord was now in front him, and he is only one step away from him.

This speed… he is faster than my arrow!

This is absolutely impossible!

“This lord is really reluctant to dirty his hand!” Demon Lord said. But, looking at his hands, his right hand was behind his back, while his left hand was holding Zhou Si’s heart. As soon as Demon Lord close his left hand… …

The heart has been squashed into puree and fall to the ground.

At this point in time, Zhou Si who spits out a mouthful of blood was still looking at his heart that had fallen into the ground like a pile of mud.

“Ruthless!” Zhou Si reluctantly swallowed his last breath.

*Blargh* The guardsmen on the side vomits. After seeing the horrible scene, they couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

Demon Lord always crushed his enemy’s heart.

“Really dirty!” Demon Lord shook his bloody left hand, as the blood splash on his garment and on to the ground.

But after turning… the blood on his garment was as clean as ever. It didn’t have any trace of blood. As if he didn’t kill a person. His left hand was also clean.

“Demon, Demon Lord… …” In front of the ferocious devil who has bloody eyes, Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen couldn’t even utter a sentence.

They will die in a terrible manner with this devil ah!
“Garbage is not worthy of this lord’s attack.” After leaving a proud sentence, Demon Lord walked in front of Lin Chujiu and look at her in a condescending manner, then said with full of mercy: “This lord will give you a chance to be his personal slave.”

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    As soon as things start looking up for LC, the author makes her life complete s**t again.

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