Chapter 176: I have a medicine, are you sick? (Part 2)

“If, I refuse?” Lin Chujiu said while grasping her wounded chest. In front of the ferocious devil, who has bloody eyes, Lin Chujiu’s face doesn’t have any trace of fear. Her eyes only reflect a dead silence.

“Refuse? Why? Is there someone waiting for you in there?” Demon Lord asked while pointing in the direction of the capital.

Lin Chujiu shook her head first, before replying: “None!” The only person who cares for her in there was her grandmother, Meng Laofuren. But, she believes, even without her, her grandmother can live a better life.

“Since there is none, why you don’t want to go with this lord? With this lord, not only no one will dare to kill you, but you can also do anything you want in the four countries.” Demon Lord said like a real devil. His words were full of seduction and temptation.

Lin Chujiu pulled a fake smile. She didn’t want to increase the depth of her wound, but she coughed for a long time.

“Lord,” Lin Chujiu began to open her mouth and said word by word: “Thank you for your kindness. But, I am living a good life now. I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

She is not stupid. Why will she casually accept the hand of a person that says ‘follow me’? Why will she go with him?

Although this man saves her. Who knows if there is another conspiracy behind it, right?

Xiao Tianyao who has been with her for so long, use her as a bait without hesitation. So, who knows if this man has another purpose, right? Only God knows the answer.

Besides, she doesn’t want to become a slave ah. She is not deluded. And in case this man called Demon Lord abuse her. Who will she ask for help?

Although Xiao Tianyao is ruthless, she can take advantage of her identity. But, with this man, what is the advantage of being a slave?

“Are you sure that you are living a good life?” Demon Lord ask while pointing out his finger to her wound.

“It’s only a small injury, I will not die.” Lin Chujiu deliberately said, but in truth, she knew she could die.

Fortunately, she had fallen in time, or else the arrow will hit her heart directly.

The arrow was still in her heart, but she thinks it’s only a small injury?

Demon Lord no longer entangled himself in the issue. He only said: “Do you have a medicine?” With so much blood flowing out. If it’s not cured in time. Even if she will not die now, she will not be saved later.

“I have a medicine, why? Are you sick?” Lin Chujiu couldn’t understand the man in front her. Why would he care about her? She is sure that this man and the original owner of the body didn’t know each other.

“You dare to tease this lord. Do you want to die?” Demon Lord changes his tone and kneels in front of Lin Chujiu. Then, he stretches out his left hand and grabbed Lin Chujiu’s neck: “As soon as this lord pressed hard, your neck will break.”

“Then, do it.” Lin Chujiu gambled. She bets that this man will not kill her because… …

She just felt a trace of worries in his words. Although she couldn’t understand why would a powerful and terrible person like him will feel that way.

“You… …” Demon Lord added a bit of strength. But, Lin Chujiu only closed her eyes and wait for her death calmly.

“Hmmp…” Demon Lord coldly hums and push away Lin Chujiu: “This lord is in a good mood today and will let you go.”

Demon Lord is a man with full of anger and hatred. No one dares to question him when he does his thing. But… …  

Lin Chujiu didn’t know this character of him. However, right after facing her provocation, he actually let go of her? So, he couldn’t help but doubt himself. Unfortunately, he has no intention to explain. So, he just turned away and left Lin Chujiu alone…. …

His blood red cloak flies in the air. Just like a meteor that is radiating and flickering!

Demon Lord inexplicable walks away. Leaving behind a group of mortals that were strangely looking at his back.

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  1. “Worry in his voice”?!?! … No, please do not be him. To still play games with her while she has been shot in the chest with an arrow caused by a scheme that you planned and hid from her and used her as bait for your own gain after she healed your legs? XTY… please, do not be the DL.

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