Chapter 180: Three days, Wangye is not guilty (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu didn’t know how she came back to the Xiao Wangfu. But, when she woke up, she was already inside her room. And she saw two unfamiliar maidservants.

When the two maidservants saw her awake, they shouted in joy: “Wangfei, you finally woke up. This is great! Qiuxi, hurry, go and tell Wangye that Wangfei woke up.”

The chubby maidservant said while the fragile looking maidservant turned around to go. Leaning across the door, Lin Chujiu heard a happy voice: “Wangye, Wangfei woke up!” 

It turns out, Xiao Tianyao didn’t return to the front courtyard, instead, he lived next to her room.

How annoying.

When Lin Chujiu woke up, the first thing she learns is that Xiao Tianyao still lives in her courtyard. Because of that, she couldn’t help but wryly smile.

Just like before, she chooses not to pay attention to it.

Lin Chujiu closed her eyes to ease her mind. When she opens her eyes, she took the initiative to talk to the maidservant, standing across to her bed: Give me a glass of water.”

“Yes, Wangfei.” The chubby maidservant with an enchanting melon face is Chunxi. She has a very beautiful face. However, she works diligently and fast. She didn’t say anything else. She only took a small spoon and intimately said: “Wangfei, Doctor Wu said that you were badly injured, so you shouldn’t get up. This slave will feed you.”

Lin Chujiu knew her condition. She doesn’t want to force herself, so she nodded her head and just enjoy the service of the chubby girl.

After drinking a glass of water, Lin Chujiu relieved her thirst, but she felt her throat was still dry. Without waiting for another instruction, the chubby maidservant poured another glass of water, and feed Lin Chujiu. While drinking, Doctor Wu came.

“I heard from Wangye, that Wangfei woke up. Is that true?” Doctor Wu asked with full of energy.

The chubby maidservant turned and busily said: “Doctor Wu, lower your voice, Wangfei just woke up.”

“I know, I know Wangfei, just woke up.” When Doctor Wu heard that Lin Chujiu woke up, he was very happy.

“Wangfei, how are you?” Doctor Wu asked Lin Chujiu. Then, he pulled a stool and sit right next to the edge of the bed.

Lin Chujiu tried to move her arms and said with pain: “Not very good.” Her wounds hurt so bad, so she couldn’t move.

“Oh, how bad? Let me check.” Doctor Wu become anxious. He busily checks Lin Chujiu’s pulse. After a minute, he said: “Fortunately, you have no fever. But, you lose too much blood, so your body feels very weak. After some period of time, you’ll be alright.” 

“Mmm,” Lin Chujiu didn’t need to check her own condition. She knows it very well. Her wounds are still painful, but Doctor Wu won’t be able to solve it.

Lin Chujiu then asked, “How long I have been unconscious?”

“Three days, you didn’t wake up for three days. Wangye is worried sick about your condition. He didn’t sleep at all.” Doctor Wu remembered Xiao Tianyao. In order to take care of Lin Chujiu, he didn’t sleep for two days. But, Doctor Wu knows that Xiao Tianyao deserves it. 

“Really?” Lin Chujiu smile, then said with full of mockery: “I woke up, I didn’t die, Wangye must be very disappointed, right?”

Doctor Wu’s eyes flashed, and out of the blue, he said: “You, what are you saying? When you woke up, Wangye is the happiest person of all.”

Doctor Wu felt like Lin Chujiu seems to know everything.

“Yes,” Lin Chujiu nodded her head: “I’m sure he is happy because he doesn’t need to feel guilty. But still, it doesn’t matter to him, whether I’m alive or not.”

Just like with Princess Fu, she might not completely fall into her trap, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t receive damage, right?

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 180: Three days, Wangye is not guilty (Part 1)

  1. I really like the MC of this story but I absolutely hate the ML. Like he doesn’t even deserve her at all. She put up with his mess and now this is what she gets. I hope that in the end she never stays with him and gets divorce and opens up her own clinic far away from the ML.

    1. However, he is our ML. Sooner or later, MC will have to get back with him in some way or form. But the ML is going to have work extra to earn back our MC. If not…. He’s better off dead within the next few hundred chapters.

  2. The heck!? Dude! I know you plan well to protect her but she coming out early is unexpected but the feet remain that you have intention of using her as bait!

  3. XTY, how are you described as a genius among men?… You didnt anticipate that something may happen at the banquet after all you have seen her put through. You did not plan for a fail safe to protect her life when you are fully aware of all who seek to harm her. UNDESERVING. Still hope plot twist makes him SML instead of MML.

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