Chapter 181: Leave, Can’t stay another day (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu knew what Doctor Wu was thinking… …

Lin Fu is not a good place to recuperate. But, aside from Lin Fu, where else could she go?

She’s not willing to stay in Xiao Wangfu even for another day. And just by thinking, Xiao Tianyao lives next door, she feels so disgusted.

Xiao Tianyao is worried sick about her?

Xiao Tianyao has difficulties?

Just because Xiao Tianyao has difficulties, she deserves to die?

And yes, of course, Xiao Tianyao was worried sick about her, because if she lives, he can use her again and again.

But too bad, her life is not so cheap.

In front of Doctor Wu’s disapproving eyes,  Lin Chujiu said once again: “Doctor Wu, tell Housekeeper Cao to prepare me a carriage, I will leave this afternoon.”

Doctor Wu knew that Lin Chujiu was serious, so he couldn’t help but thicken his face: “Wangfei, think about it twice.”

“This is my decision after thinking twice.” No matter how many times she thinks, she really wanted to leave Xiao Wangfu.

“Or, you can try thinking about it some more?” Doctor Wu spoke slowly. Lin Chujiu look at Doctor Wu, then said: “If you don’t want to tell it to Housekeeper Cao. I’ll do it myself!”

When Lin Chujiu tried lifting her quilt to get out from the bed, Doctor Wu was frightened and busily stop Lin Chujiu: “I’ll go, I’ll go, okay? I swear in the name of my ancestors!”

“Then, go quickly!” LIn Chujiu didn’t want to joke about her own body. So, when Doctor Wu made a promise, she immediately lies on the bed.

“Ohh…” Doctor Wu sighed, but before leaving, he asked: “Wangfei, don’t you really want to think about it again?”

“Are you sure you want me to think about it again?” With Lin Chujiu’s question, Doctor Wu kept nodding his head. But, Lin Chujiu said in a bad mood: “If I think about it again, I’m afraid that I’ll only think of a way on how I’ll escape here. Are you sure you want me to think again?”

“No, no, no, you don’t need to think about it again. I’ll go.” Doctor Wu quickly said in fear.

Wangfei, do you really need to act so tough, just to leave? Then, what’s the difference between you and Wangye?

Doctor Wu rushed outside, but of course, he was not looking for Housekeeper Cao. After all, he and Housekeeper Cao can’t make decisions.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t move, she can only stay in bed. Doctor Wu himself cannot avoid this dilemma. So, he immediately went to the next room and report Lin Chujiu’s decision. But after reporting, he didn’t forget to add some words: “Wangye, I already persuade Wangfei, but Wangfei refused to listen.”

“Benwang heard.” They were only separated by a wall, as long as he is interested to hear, what words can’t he hear?


Lin Chujiu really dared to think about such a thing.

“Then, Wangye… … what should we do?” Doctor Wu quietly wiped the sweat from his forehead, while thinking: Fortunately, Wangye heard that I tried persuading Wangfei. Or else, I’ll be miserable… …

“She cannot go to Lin Fu, let her go to Guo Gongfu.” The current situation is not clear, the northern country captured another two cities. He can only let Lin Chujiu leave for some time.

“Yes, I’ll go back to report.” Doctor Wu ran to find Lin Chujiu next door. He didn’t pretend that he didn’t find Xiao Tianyao.

Those two are ruthless. If he tried fooling them, both of them will not be pleased.

“Guo Gongfu… … I can’t, I can’t let my grandmother learn that I got into an accident.” After meeting Meng Laofuren, she only wants her to worry about her health. She doesn’t want to burden her. Meng Laofuren is good to her.

“Then, Wangfei, where do you want to go? You cannot go to Lin Fu.” Lin Xiang and Lin Furen will definitely not help her to recover from her injuries.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!

    I hate how doctor Wu thinks LCJ is the same as XTY, like AS IF!!! And really, first thing he does is eavesdrop, why won’t he just move out already, give the girl some space to recuperate and cry from her miserable life of being used by him, again and again. Sigh, LCJ should have just come with that demon lord something😞

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