Chapter 182: Habitual style, Crying back at home (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu wanted to keep a low profile. She wanted to leave Xiao Wangfu unnoticeable. But, going out in the capital with four carriages, can she avoid being noticed?

Lin Chujiu give up her idea and just said to Housekeeper Cao: “Don’t let my grandmother learn about my injuries.”  She didn’t want the old lady to worry about her.

“Wangfei, rest assured, this servant will obey.” Guo Gongfu was originally not a well-informed family. And this time, the three sons are injured, so it’s very easy to conceal this issue.

After the assassination attempt on Lin Chujiu, Xiao Wangfu sealed the information strictly and didn’t let anyone leak the issue. Aside from the few people in the palace, no one else knows the truth.

On the second day Lin Chujiu left, Xiao Wangfu announced that Lin Chujiu went to  Zhuangzi to recuperate. As for what the reason she had to recuperate? It was because of Princess Fu An’s birthday banquet, that was held three days ago.

Three days ago, at Princess Fu An’s birthday banquet, Princess Xiao was extremely frightened. As for the reason why? When Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen visit the Wanfu Garden, they found four dead bodies.

According to Prince Xiao’s habitual style, the four dead bodies were sent to Cui Family’s residence in the capital.

When the Cui Family received the dead bodies, they immediately promised to find out the truth. Once found out, they will give explanations. Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen are well disciplined, after sending the bodies, they didn’t say anything and just left.

The Headmaster of the Cui family ordered his people to check all the in and out stories of the dead bodies.

Princess Fu An had made up her mind that day because she believes she could do things beautifully. But, she didn’t expect that there were many loopholes and it will leak. Soon afterward, the Cui Family found out what happened. And they learn that everything was done by Princess Fu An. The Headmaster of Cui Family’s face changed immediately.

Princess Fu An is the emperor’s biological sister. Although she is married to the Cui Family, she is still a royal princess. The Headmaster of Cui Family didn’t say anything to Princess Fu An. He only summons the First and Second daughter-in-law that was with Princess Fu An on that day, to discuss things.  

The two daughters-in-law don’t have a good relationship with her. They can work together to tarnish her reputation. Princess Fu An is not a fool. That is why, although she hasn’t heard a single word about the discussion, she immediately threatens the Cui Family that she will return to the palace.

“Someone come, prepare the carriage and send the princess back to the palace.” The Headmaster of Cui Family directly sent an order. He didn’t give Princess Fu An a room to discuss things.

Princess Fu An was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that the Cui Family will throw away her face just to pleased Prince Xiao. In her shame and anger, she went back to the palace immediately. Leaving the Cui Family to fix things alone.

As soon as she returned to the palace, Princess Fu An went to the empress and cried out all her grievances. The Empress had a headache, so she sent someone to the emperor to report. The Emperor was not satisfied with the Cui Family’s attitude, but he was also not satisfied with Princess Fu An.

“When you decide to marry the third son of the Cui Family, I didn’t agree with you. But, you didn’t listen! The Cui Family might be a first class noble family, but it has no benefit to a royal princess. Can you use their third son as a hummer? No! none of them are useful to you.” But regardless of that, Princess Fu An still dared to act with dirty means.

Whoever not pleasing to the eyes must be killed. That is the habitual style of a royal princess.

When Princess Fu An arrived at the palace, she didn’t receive any comfort. Instead, the emperor scolded her. So, she cried even harder: “Imperial brother, you might not know it, but Cui Family’s third son would rather die than marry a royal princess. But, because I wanted to marry him, he can only marry me.”

“For a man, you disregarded your identity as a royal princess, you really let me down.” The Emperor couldn’t understand Princess Fu An, so he even got angrier.

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