Chapter 183: Training, having her own people (Part 2)

The Chief of Zhuangzi understood the meaning of Lin Chujiu’s words. So, he immediately recommended his daughter and the daughter of another official.: “Those girls are in the age of thirteen and fourteen. Both of them are quite sensible. If Princess Xiao is still interested, I can bring them here immediately.”

“Okay, bring them here. I’ll take a look.” Lin Chujiu said without hesitation. In order for her to have her own followers, she can only do this.

Lin Chujiu is not only against with Chunxi and Qiuxi but also hates them. She hates them not because they are not good at their work, but because they are Xiao Tianyao’s people.

Soon, the Chief of Zhuangzi brought the two little girls. The two little girls don’t have many decorations on themselves. They were only wearing clean clothes, with two long braided hairs. They look like a typical farm girl. Their hands and feet look a bit rough. In just one glance, a person could see that they don’t work less. 

From the start, Lin Chujiu ask a few questions. The two little girl seems not smart, but they are well behaved and obedient.

“I’m very glad to meet the two of you. From now on, you will stay with me and accompany me, so that I won’t get bored.” Lin Chujiu said and added: “What are your names?”

“My name is Xui mei.”

“My name is Xiu Hui.”

When the two little girls finished talking, they heard Chunxi’s dissatisfied voice: “In front of Wangfei, you should refer yourselves as slaves.”

With Chunxi’s arrogant tone, Lin Chujiu who felt bored laughs. While, the two little girls felt scared and immediately kowtow: “Wangfei, this slave doesn’t know what to do yet, please spare us.”

The Chief of Zhuangzi was also terrified, so he busily kneels and apologizes.

Lin Chujiu didn’t speak in a hurry, but her eyes swept over to Chunxi. Seeing her reluctant to withdraw, Lin Chujiu open her mouth and said: “Now, now, you don’t need to kneel. You are not my slaves or maidservants. You don’t need to refer yourselves as slaves. You will be my companions. Or do you want to go back home now?”

“No, no, this… … This slave will serve Wangfei.”Xiu Mei and Xiu Hui bow their heads to admit mistakes. Lin Chujiu didn’t say more. She only said to Chunxi: “Since these two girls are still interested, you can start training them. But, giving them penalty is unnecessary. You can’t punish these girls.”

“This slave will obey,” Chunxi said, but inside her heart, she secretly thought: I must make Wangfei see the stupidity of these two girls. And make Wangfei think that they can’t follow rules.

Chunxi thinks so, but when she heard Lin Chujiu’s next sentence, she completely dismissed her idea. “I believe Xiao Wangfu’s maidservant is extraordinary people. If these two girls will not learn anything in three days, I will send you back to the capital.”

Chunxi was so scared and made up her mind. She will make sure that these two girls will learn everything in three days.

“Very good, you can all withdraw now.” Lin Chujiu only speak a few words, but she felt really tired. So, she waved her hand to Qiuxi to help her get back to her room.

Compared to Chunxi, she really likes the two little girls. She doesn’t need smart people, she needs people that would never do things beyond their position. That is why Lin Chujiu is very satisfied with them. 

She doesn’t need Xiao Tianyao’s people to be loyal to her, as long as they do their job right, she can pretend not seeing them.

Lin Chujiu had slept for a long time, so she couldn’t fell asleep at night. While giving herself infusion, she had an urge to urinate for multiple times. After she finished, Lin Chujiu could no longer hold it.

“Sleeping during daytime is really not good.” Lin Chujiu had already dismissed her maidservants. So, she was all alone in her room. Lin Chujiu touches the bedpost and stands up to go to the restroom. But then, another person touches the bedpost.

After Lin Chujiu finished and return to the room, she was stupefied: What am I seeing?

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