Chapter 188: Miserable, Poor prince (Part 1)

But, it’s absolutely impossible for Lin Chujiu to take the initiative, to deliver something for Xiao Tianyao.

Su Cha and Liu Bai waited for more than half a month, for Lin Chujiu to send something in Xiao Wangfu. At first, the two of them secretly sympathize with Xiao Tianyao, but later on, they sympathize with themselves.

“Wangye has become more and more terrible these days. I will no longer dare to enter Xiao Wangfu if this continues.” Xiao Tianyao’s cold eyes could freeze people, Su Cha could endure the coldness, but… …

It’s too scary. If this continues, Xiao Wangfu’s people will be frozen to death.

“Half a month have passed, Wangfei must have recovered from her injuries. Should we visit her and ask her to come back?” Liu Bai finally realized the benefit of Lin Chujiu’s existence in Xiao Wangfu. And he actually misses her. 

“Ask Wangfei to come back at this time? Do you have a bit of brain?” Su Cha didn’t feel good and look at Liu Bai: “Wangye and the emperor are bound to fight soon. It’s not safe for Wangfei to stay in the capital.”

“Then, what should we do?” Any situation that needs to use brain, Liu Bai will consciously depend on Su Cha.

Su Cha didn’t live up to Liu Bai expectations,, he thinks for a moment, then said: “If we want to get rid of this bad luck, we must start with Wangfei.”

Heh heh heh… …

Liu Bai impolitely replied: “But, according to Qiuxi’s letter, Wangfei is very cold and hard to approach. As soon as she heard Wangye’s name, she will frown immediately and stayed emotionless. Are you sure you want to talk to Wangfei?”

“I don’t need to talk with Wangfei. I have another way.” Su Cha’s eyes shine brightly. People who are familiar with him know it’s meaning. Liu Bai felt cold on his back and had goosebumps. Then, he took a step away from Su Cha.

Fortunately, Su Cha is not planning to use him. 


In Zhuangzi, the people were very busy preparing for the spring planting. Lin Chujiu let Xiu Mei and Xiu Hui go back home, to help their parents. So today, she just was sitting in her room, while reading books.

In the afternoon, Chunxi happily enter the room with light footsteps: “Wangfei, Brother Zhuzi sent us several hares. They are all very plump. This slave asks the kitchen staff to cook two rabbits. Wangfei can eat rabbit stew at noon.”

After being treated coldly for several days, Chunxi becomes used with it. Chunxi is a top-notch maidservant. The two little girls become capable under her teachings. But, they are still not smart.

However, Lin Chujiu is quite used to people who are not smart.

“No, you can eat it.” Chunxi quite became honest with her. But, she still doesn’t look at her face. Chunxi is Xiao Wangfu’s people. She is willing to use her as long as she is obedient.

Chunxi knows that Lin Chujiu is not interested, so she no longer persuades her. She only cheerfully said her thanks. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s face has good reflection, Chunxi boldly said: “Wangfei, there is quite a number of wild vegetables and wild meat in the kitchen. Should… … we send some back at home?”

Ooohhh…… Young Master Su Cha, I risk my face just to get Wangye some benefit ah. You should praise me in front of Wangye for doing a good job!

People in Zhuangzi know that everything Lin Chujiu had sent in the capital, was only received by Guo Gongfu. Lin Family and Xiao Wangfu didn’t receive any.  So this time, when Chunxi mentions it, Lin Chujiu didn’t think much about it. She’s still thinking about Guo Gongfu, so she nodded her head and said: “Pick some good wild vegetables and eggs for my grandmother. As for the others, figure it out yourselves.”

Meng Laofuren is very old, she rarely eats meat. So, she always sent goodies that the old lady could only eat. As for the others, Lin Chujiu really has no concerns.

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  1. LoL Sneaky Su Cha indeed. Now they can say Lin Chujiu sent something to that Xiao bastard. Even if it’s putting words in Chujiu’s mouth that would never be said. Thanks for the chapter part!

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  3. If Chujiu ever finds out what happened she will be pissed. Su cha was truly sly but why do i feel he is going to suffer for itnone day?

    P.s. how does anyone think half a month is sufficient to heal such a deep wound???

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