Chapter 188: Miserable, Poor prince (Part 2)

“Yes, this slave will obey.” Chunxi retired with a happy face. But, after she left, her heart jump up in fright.

She was scared, she was afraid of being discovered by their Wangfei.

Su Cha’s plan is dangerous, she needs to send goodies to the Xiao Wangfu. With that, their Wangye will be happy, but their Wangfei will not.

She needs to think of a way for their Wangfei not to realize this.

Chunxi went to the kitchen in a hurry, then she looked at the few rabbits and basket of wild vegetables. After careful analyzing, she told Qiuxi to find a few old women in a low voice. She needs to go to the mountain to dig some more wild vegetables, without disturbing their Wangfei. 

Qiuxi knows Chunxi’s intention, so she hastily proposes: “Do you also want to send the guards to hunt some prey on the mountain?”

“No, if there are too many preys, Wangye will be suspicious. Wangye can recognize knife and arrow wound at a glance.” Chunxi looked careless, but she was actually a very cautious person.

Qiuxi nodded and looked for several old women who knew wild vegetables. Then, they went to the mountain altogether. They only rushed back before lunch.

“Right now, wild vegetables are difficult to dig.” Chunxi only digs a small basket of wild vegetables. And it is estimated that it can only be a small dish.

It’s not because Chunxi was being lazy. But because ever since Lin Chujiu arrived, the wild vegetables that were near the vicinity of Zhuangzi have been dug up. The people in Zhuangzi all knew that Lin Chuanji likes receiving wild vegetables. So, the people always dig up when they have free time. And they will send it to Lin Chujiu.

Of course, Lin Chujiu didn’t let those people suffer for nothing. In addition to free consultation and medicine, Lin Chujiu often ask the kitchen staff to give them food.

For farmers, eating with a full stomach is better than any wild vegetables. With food as compensation, the enthusiasm of the people to dig wild vegetables become even higher, so… …

The wild vegetables in the near surrounding met a tragedy.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu doesn’t like eating the wild vegetable, so the wild vegetables will have time to grow back in the upcoming year.

The wild vegetables that will be sent to Meng Laofuren are not much. But now that they will send some to Xiao Tianyao, it becomes even less. Chunxi sighed and decided to add more bird eggs in the basket.

These bird eggs came from a child in the village, his brother got sick some time ago. The town doctor said that his brother cannot be saved. In his uneasiness, the child begs Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu did not only cured the child’s brother but also didn’t ask for money. Because of that, the child feels so grateful. He went to the mountain and pick up several eggs in the bird’s nest. Then said that it was for Lin Chujiu to eat.

Afterward, Lin Chujiu sent the child’s family a basket of eggs. Saying that it is for the children’s nourishment. The child’s family naturally refused. However, how can Lin Chujiu take back what she offered?

Everything was packed, Chunxi didn’t dare to mess up things. She only sent a basket of wild vegetables and a rabbit in Xiao Wangfu.

Chunxi didn’t dare to trample Meng Laofuren’s share more. The rest of the rabbit was saved for them to eat.

So to say, their Wangye is very poor, he seems living poorer than them.

Chunxi felt uneasy. Before she handed the goodies to the delivery man, she added three more sentences: “These things should be sent as soon as possible. It’s best not to get other people’s attention. You should hand them directly to Housekeeper Cao.”

Just by thinking that she’s doing bad things right under their Wangfei’s nose, Chunxi was very nervous. She knows their Wangfei is not a completely good person. If their Wangfei learn about this, she will be miserable… …

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  1. That Chunxi is really smart. A good ship with Su Cha! LoL. To bad their boss is that Xiao bastard. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I didnt go that far but i do want them to dissappeat. i felt like they should stop pretending they care about the wangfei. Clearly they’re on the wangye side since day 1.

      Now if only chujiu finally truly walks out on the wangye. I harbour hopes of her healing some fella from the jianghu world and decides to be a roaming jianghu doctor. After all she doesnt exactly have much familial ties to hold her down.

  2. “She knows their Wangfei is not a completely good person”?!
    This servant needs to know her bounds. If they aren’t on her side they should stop pretending. LCJ will be fine without it..
    They are so making things worse…

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