Chapter 194: Contrast, Stupid woman (Part 1)

“Wangfei? You are an imperial concubine?” Mo Qingfeng and his party were dumbfounded. How can a doctor who opened her door to strangers is a Wangfei? Is the title Wangfei in the capital doesn’t have any worth?

No, or can it be said that this Wangfei is merely stupid?

In the road, at first glance, they look like an ordinary people. So, this princess doctor stupidly invited them. But, didn’t she consider that they might be bad people?

Lin Chujiu was certainly afraid of encountering bad people. If it weren’t for the medical system, she won’t meet Mo Qingfeng and his party. Not to mention, she won’t take the initiative to ask them if they need a doctor’s help.

The other party is a group of men who can fight. She is only a weak woman. She also has an extraordinary identity. So, why did she give them tickets to enter her door?

The answer to this question is because, Lin Chujiu believes in the medical system. Or rather, she believes the scientist that invented it.

The purpose of those scientists is to not only force the doctor to heal the sick, but also protect the patients.

The medical system determines the patient based on the emergency signal sent by the brainwaves. In other words, Lin Chujiu only needs to treat the patient that ask for help. Once the medical system learns the other person needs medical assistance, it will analyze next, if the patient can be saved.

Although the medical system is not an artificial intelligence, it can check the patient’s brainwaves. If the patient has an intention to kill her, the medical system will not force her to save the patient.

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer Mo Qingfeng’s question. Instead, she told to the Chief of Zhuangzi: “Let some people carry a soft sedan and prepare a clean room, hot water, and clean clothes. If you have free time, please go to the village and asked a wet nurse to come.”

As far as the pregnant woman is concerned, Lin Chujiu no longer need to check. She already knows that the baby has no milk to drink.

“Yes, this slave will obey.” Lin Chujiu said in urgency. So, the Chief of Zhaunhzi has no energy to manage the other people.

After giving an order to the chief, Lin Chujiu turned to Mo Qingfeng and said: “Since you know my identity, then you should understand by now that I will not be detrimental to you. Aside from the lady and you, you can only bring another person to enter the house. Others should wait outside. If you cause me trouble, I will not hesitate to abandon you.”

Mo Qingfeng and his party consisted of more than 20 people. At first glance, they look ordinary people. But, their strength is way more above Lin Chujiu.

Although Lin Chujiu can be sure that they are not bad people and have no bad intentions. But still, why would she let a group of men enter her courtyard?

Xiao Tianyao is not even qualified to enter, so why would they be an exemption?

After learning Lin Chujiu’s identity, Mo Qingfeng was no longer worried. He immediately dismissed his people. Only he and the old woman in the carriage accompanied the pregnant lady.

The soft sedan quickly arrive. Lin Chujiu let Mo Qingfeng carry the pregnant lady and send her to the newly prepared room, serving as maternity ward to settle.

Mo Qingfeng busily followed Lin Chujiu’s order. When they finished, Lin Chujiu told him: “I’ll go get the medicines and change clothes. Then, I’ll come right away.”

“I would like to thank Wangfei.” Mo Qingfeng folds his fists and solemnly give thanks.

He really did not expect to encounter an imperial concubine on the road. To be more precise, a princess that is practicing medicine.

“Let’s wait for the lady to recover first before you say your thanks.” Lin Chujiu look up. The two of them look at each other. Seeing the other person has long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, clear eyes, calm behavior, and has a good heart.

Lin Chujiu felt inside her heart, that this man called Mo Qingfeng is not an evil person.

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