Chapter 195: Was wronged, Blood transfusion (Part 1)

When Xiao Tianyao returned, Lin Chujiu was still inside the maternity room. No one knows what she was doing, so no one could give a report.

Xiao Tianyao’s whole body exudes coldness, so the Chief of Zhuangzi didn’t dare to approach. But still, his legs soften and he fell down: “Slave, this slave, please, Wangye. Please… …”

Before he could finish, Xiao Tianyao said: “Bring the person to see benwang.”

“Huh?” The Chief of Zhuangzi didn’t understand Xiao Tianyao’s meaning. So, the guard next to him could only explain: “What about the relative of the pregnant woman that Wangfei brought in? Where is he? Wangye wants to see him.” Wangfei brought the man inside, so of course, Wangye wants to know who is he, right?

“Yes, yes, this slave understand.” The Chief of Zhuangzi ran in a hurry and rolled on the floor after three steps. After a few more steps, he arrives at the maternity room: “Young master Mo, young master Mo… …”

At this time, Mo Qingfeng was very worried about his sister in the maternity room. So, when he heard the Chief of Zhuangzi running and screaming, his face darkens: “Keep your voice down, don’t you know there is a pregnant woman inside?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The Chief of Zhuangzi instinctively reply, but deep inside he thought. Why was this young man getting angry? This place was their Wangfei’s site. If he didn’t beg their Wangfei, he won’t be here, so why he was being fierce? But… …

This young man was not an ordinary person. So, he didn’t dare to argue.

The Chief of Zhuangzi stepped forward, leaned his head and whispered: “Young Master Mo, our Wangye came back and wants to meet you.”

“What?” Mo Qingfeng walked away, so he didn’t hear it clearly. The Chief of Zhuangzi repeated his sentence again. This time, Mo Qingfeng heard his words, so he couldn’t help but get a little nervous. He hesitated for a moment, but then, he nodded his head: “Well, I’ll go with you.” 

Right now, he also wanted to know this Wangfei, he wanted to know who’s imperial prince of the east she was married to.

“Please… …” Seeing that Mo Qingfeng was not in a panic, the Chief of Zhuangzi felt glad that he didn’t dare to argue with him. He didn’t get scared with their Wangye, so what’s more if it’s him, right?

Because Xiao Tianyao’s arrived, the yard was now full of guardsmen. Mo Qingfeng clearly felt a chilling atmosphere in the surroundings, but he didn’t say anything, he only followed behind the chief.

In the flower hall, Xiao Tianyao was sitting upright and holding a teacup. Obviously, these actions were very normal. But, with Xiao Tianyao, these actions seem can make a person feel depressed.

Inside the flower hall, aside from Xiao Tianyao, there were also four guards. However, at first glance, only Xiao Tianyao was noticeable.

Mo Qingfeng had never seen Xiao Tianyao before. But at a glance, he recognizes who’s the man was in front of him.

An imperial prince with disabled legs, but still has an overbearing aura. Although he was sitting quietly, a person couldn’t dare to ignore him, but rather, stared at him more.

In the East Country, there was only one man that fits this description… …

“East God of War, Prince Xiao?” Although Mo Qingfeng said it in a question, when he came in, he folded his hands in a fist and respectfully paid a greeting.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t ignore Mo Qingfeng, he put down the teacup on his hand, and looked up to him: “Northern people?”

Xiao Tianyao asks, but his tone revealed that he was sure.

“Mo Qingeng of Mo Family in Northern Territory greets Xiao Wangye.” Mo Qingfeng didn’t hide his identity and frankly said.

“Mo Qingfeng? Mo Family’s third son, a martial artist under the 7th Martial God.” Xiao Tianyao’s sentence revealed Mo Qingfeng’s identity one by one.

Of all the people, his wife rescued the largest family in Northern Territory and encountered the only son of Mo Family, who knows martial arts.

This luck is extremely… … not good.

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  1. *snerk* Why’s it not good? Cause he might treat LC better than you? … Sorry, sorry I shouldn’t be that way… I mean there are probably other reasons it’s not good….
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  2. Our 2nd lead is probably an enemy, if not then he is now! I hate XTY with a passion, I can’t wait until LCJ gives him a piece of her mind. Thanks for the fast update, I’m just excited as everyone else is to see this novel unfold.

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