Chapter 196: Born, How is she? (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu wanted to give him an answer. But she has no time. She wanted to recheck the baby’s condition. Afterward, she must also close the woman’s wounds. She was really busy right now… …

The baby was only seven months old, but he was very healthy. His crying voice was very loud. After the medical system gave her the result, she found out that the baby really has no problem. His condition has no difference to a full term baby.

“This is strange. He stayed inside the womb for so long without amniotic fluid. So, how could he have no problem?” Lin Chujiu tried to check again the baby’s condition. However, the more she check, the more she found it strange. But actually… …

This was a good thing. Lin Chujiu no longer paid attention to the issue. She put aside the baby, then immediately cleaned and sutured the lady’s womb.

However, the lady’s condition becomes worst. After the baby was taken out, her body seems lost all the vitality.

“How could this be? The baby was very healthy. But, she becomes weaker and weaker.”

Lin Chujiu’s facial expression drastically changed. At this time, she had no other choice but to bring out the baby first and asked them to take care of it: “Someone come, take care of the baby.”

“I’ll, I’ll take care of the baby. “The old woman reached out her hand and hurriedly asked: “Doctor, how is our eldest miss?”

“What did your eldest miss eat during her pregnancy? The baby was only seven months old but very healthy. While she, she was in a critical condition. I can’t guarantee that she will survive this time.” At this point in time, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to guarantee that she could save the lady’s life.

“My elder sister, she… …” Mo Qingfeng’s facial expression changed a bit, but he doesn’t know what to say. Then suddenly, he heard the old woman said: “The moment the eldest miss learned she couldn’t keep her child, she started eating cinnabar seeds. Later, her child was saved, but she didn’t stop eating. In these past two months, her body becomes weaker and weaker. And her body stimulated an early child delivery. Doctor, I beg you, please save our eldest miss.”

The old woman kneel down with the baby. When Lin Chujiu heard the cinnabar seeds, she was rather puzzled so she asked. Mo Qingfeng replied to her: “Cinnabar seeds are taken by pregnant women to keep their child from growing inside the womb. But in order for the baby to survive, it will suck all the nutrients inside the mother’s body. Leaving the mother no chance to survive after giving birth. Why is my eldest sister so stupid? For that scum’s child, she didn’t even care about her life? Is it worth it?”

Mo Qingfeng said and cried out loud… …

There is such a cruel medicine?

As soon as Lin Chujiu heard his words, she knew right away that the lady was really in a bad situation. She must act as soon as possible. Or else, the lady will really die.

According to the current situation, if the lady died, Mo Qingfeng will not blame her. But Lin Chujiu couldn’t turn away to her responsibility as a doctor. She can’t give up until her patient was declared dead.

She is timid, selfish, and has a variety of bad traits. But as long as the patient is breathing, she will take responsibility. So in the end, she doesn’t want to give up.

Unless the lady has died, I will not stop her treatment.

The three blood bags earlier was all used. So, Lin Chujiu asked Mo Qingfeng: “I’m going to give your elder sister another blood transfusion. Can you still make it?”

“I can, as long as it can save my elder sister, I’m willing to give blood as much as you want.” Mo Qingfeng reached out his arm.

“Okay, I’ll take two more bags.” With this, Mo Qingfeng will get weak for two days. But after resting, he will resume his energy.

Lin Chujiu placed the empty blood bag on the table. Then, she looked around, to find someone that could help her change the blood bag. However, after Xiao Tianyao arrived in front of the maternity room. She found out that only Xiao Tianyao, Mo Qingfeng and the old woman with the baby were left.

Who is she going to ask for help? Xiao Tianyao?

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  1. I really enjoy reading about Lin Chujiu’s adventures without that Xiao bastard.. It would be an entirely different novel without him. If the author wanted him to be hated then I say well done. I really wonder how he could ever get in too Lin Chujiu’s good graces. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Pues a mi me encanta la actitud de xian tianyo 😊 ya que así era el carácter de los príncipes de esa época y pues me fascinan ojalá no tardaras tanto en actualizar 😊🙈

  3. I’d like to know, who is “that scum”? Why doesn’t Mo Qingfeng know that his sister wanted to save Her baby – it’s not necessarily about the baby’s father.

    Of course Xiao Tianyao will help, just because he wants to know how it works.

    1. Married woman during those times are living in the husband’s estate. Just like LCJ. It will be discuss in the future chaps

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