Chapter 198: How to make up, how to make up (Part 1)

Mo Qingfeng didn’t know what exactly Lin Chujiu was thinking. But, he felt she was an upright and kind person, so he was deeply touched. He will pay her doctor’s fee, but also remember this gratitude.

Mo Family in the Northern Territory were not people who don’t know what gratitude means. So, even if this matter causes a dispute between territories. Mo Family will recognize Lin Chujiu for saving the Mo Family’s eldest daughter and grandson.

Lin Chujiu didn’t take Mo Qingfeng’s gratitude and emotions seriously. After all, she had seen many people with the same attitude like Mo Qingfeng. The relatives of the patient always give thanks and pay doctor’s fee. So, when the lady fully recovered, she will put this matter at the back of her mind. Remembering this guy’s words will be silly.

After Lin Chujiu explained, she said, “You can now go and see your sister. She can’t eat anything for the meantime. She can only drink some water. Just give her some water when you come. I’ll come again and see her after an hour.” 

“Mmm.” When Mo Qingfeng heard that he could now go and see his sister. He immediately took a step forward. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu reacted quickly: “Your clothes were full of dust, change your clothes first before you get in.”

“I’ll change.” Mo Qingfeng was really fast, in a blink of an eye, he disappeared. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but think: You don’t need to show off your martial skills, how annoying.

The people who were serving in the house haven’t come. So only Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu were left in front of the maternity room. Lin Chujiu couldn’t hide even if she wanted to.

“Wang, Wangye …” Lin Chujiu doesn’t know why, but her proud attitude earlier had vanished. At this time, in front of Xiao Tianyao, she felt guilty.

She couldn’t understand it herself. She was clearly angry, but she was also feeling guilty.

“Do you remember benwang’s kindness?” Xiao Tianyao ironically asked as an opening.

Lin Chujiu unconsciously move two steps back. As she stepped back, she arrived at the wall near the door frame. This sudden stop forcing her to say: “Wangye waited for me the whole afternoon, so how could I not remember.”

“Benwang did not only waited for you the whole afternoon but also run outside and chase after you back and forth.” Xiao Tianyao slightly turned around his wheelchair and slowly approached.

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Shameless, do you really need to say it so straightforward? 

Lin Chujiu’s back was leaning on the wall. So, she could only stand still.

Two people staring at each other. One person was standing, while the other was sitting with a strong presence.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu from head to toes. The look in his eyes seems like looking to a prey. His mind was full of disdain. Xiao Tianyao look at Lin Chujiu for  a long time, before he slowly said: “Do you admit that you played benwang?”

“Of course not.” Lin Chujiu didn’t want to deny her real thoughts, so she said: “I didn’t know that Wangye will go after me. I was in a bad mood before, so I rode a horse and went out. But, I didn’t say that I won’t be back.”

Even preys were not willing to die, so what more if it’s a human. Lin Chujiu fight hard for herself.

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao ironically asked with a mocking tone. He knows how careful Lin Chujiu thinks.

Lin Chujiu gritted her teeth and explained further: “Wangye, what I said is true. I never thought that you will go out and chase after me.” Well, Lin Chujiu really didn’t expect it.

The man who used her as a bait will chase after her personally when she ran away? Is that possible?

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 198: How to make up, how to make up (Part 1)

  1. Don’t forget LC!! don’t let him guilt you! It’s still his fault!!
    I am horrible in helping…. It’s probably a good thing she can’t hear me.
    Thank you for the update!!

  2. Why you feel guilty?That his fault… not yours.
    Its too kind for punishment.
    You just made him back and forth…. meeh. That a tiny revenge for your own life… be strong girl

  3. Lin Chujiu, don’t say anything anymore because he will twist your words to make you the bully.

    He is the greatest bully because you are nothing but his tool who must obey him.

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