Chapter 198: How to make up, how to make up (Part 2)

“Benwang didn’t think about it, but because it was you… … Benwang repeatedly made an exception.” Xiao Tianyao admitted that what Lin Chujiu had said made sense. It was indeed his fault.

He had calculated everything, but in the end, she was still hurt.

Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything further, but she laughed at herself. Then, as if nothing had happened, she brightly smiled and said: “Wangye, I’m tired. I want to go back to my room and rest.”

Xiao Tianyao acted like he didn’t hear her last sentence. He took Lin Chujiu’s hand and said: “Well, let’s go. Benwang has already asked people to prepare you hot water.”

“I can walk on my own.” Lin Chujiu withdraw her hand, but she failed to do so. Xiao Tianyao was holding her hand too tightly, and she couldn’t pull it out.

“Benwang can’t walk by himself. So, benwang has been waiting for you to push his wheelchair.” Xiao Tianyao released Lin Chujiu’s hand, but he gave her another task. Knowing that Lin Chujiu would refuse, he opened his mouth before she could: “Lin Chujiu, once or twice was enough, we just made things clear. Don’t make benwang feel bad again.”

Obviously, this matter was normal to a husband and wife. But, Xiao Tianyao was lacking in abilities to speak warmly.

Xiao Tianyao nearly killed her. She just let things slide. So, how could he dare to count her faults?

Lin Chujiu chuckled inside her mind but didn’t refute.

Xiao Tianyao said he will stay here for long. Fortunately, Mo Family came and the eldest miss needs to recuperate. She will be busy, so she didn’t have to worry about seeing Xiao Tianyao the whole day.

The maidservants already prepared her a hot water and clean clothes. So, when Lin Chujiu returned, she took a bath. After bathing, Lin Chujiu felt refreshed and was in a good mood. Lin Chujiu returned to her room to comb her hair, but her room has changed. 

There were red bed curtain, red quilt, two red pillows… … Did she got married today?

Lin Chujiu’s mouth twitched, as she forcefully controlled her temper: “Who made these arrangements?”


Chunxi and Qiuxi immediately knelt down and innocently said: “This slave also don’t know. When this slave came back, the room has already become like this.” Well actually, they know. But now, how can they admit it in front of Lin Chujiu.

“Change room.” Lin Chujiu was too lazy to care about Xiao Tianyao’s people. “If Wangye likes this room so much, then arrange it according to his preferences.” She will move out. She can’t stay in this room.

“This… …” Chunxi and Qiuxi couldn’t dare to act.

Lin Chujiu’s voice becomes louder: “What? My words don’t even matter now?”

“No, it’s not like that… Wangfei, this slave, this slave…” Chunxi and Qiuxi look like about to cry.

“Clean out the back room, pack my things and put them over there.” Lin Chujiu pressed her temples because she had a headache.

Xiao Tianyao was really incredible. In Xiao Wangfu, he lived next door to her. When he went to Zhuangzi, he directly lives in her room. Seriously, does he think she was a soft bun, so he carried on with these things?

Xiao Tianyao really thinks Lin Chujiu was a soft bun. After dinner, with a *snap* sound, Xiao Tianyao slammed the chopsticks and said: “Lin Chujiu, benwang heard that you want to move to the back room?”

This sounds like an interrogation, rather than questioning!

Lin Chujiu swallowed her last food and drank her tea, before answering: “Yes.”

“You are that unwilling to share a room with benwang?” Xiao Tianyao simply asked. But his voice sounds very cold. His eyes that were staring at Lin Chujiu were also filled with flames in anger… …

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 198: How to make up, how to make up (Part 2)

  1. Should she be very willing to stay in the same room as someone who has nearly killed her twice? For someone supposedly smart you are very dimwitted
    Thanks for the update!

  2. First XTY, did you forget that you were going to kill her on your wedding night? Second, Did you forget the fact that you set her out as bait and almost let her die? Third did you just forget the conversation you all just had?! Not to mention the many other wrongs you’ve done towards her.
    I’m not saying she is without fault, but seriously, how thick headed can you be?
    Someone needs to .. educate him a little.
    Thank you for the update. I hope she doesn’t forget to check up on the new mom.

  3. When will the two can have a mutual understanding? Can’t they talked it out and divorce already?! Oppss I forgot ML will not let that happen..

    Thanks for the update!!!

  4. This story is really good for people to let their stress out… although it is as stressing as real life

  5. He is so dumb when it comes to expressing feelings and he is so inconsiderate by not seeing how she feels. I think he likes her but does not know how to express it positively.

  6. Thank you for the chapter dearest translator 😘😘

    I seriously just want to beat him to death and be done with it.

    Chujiu I’m begging you say YES! Just slap him with reality that you despise him

  7. Is it bad that I really wish he would drop dead right now!!!? I mean seriously, how dumb do you have to be to not understand that she doesn’t like you and that no one who tried to kill her will ever be accepted by her and even more if he tries to force everything!!! Dude!! You’re a complete idiot and I’m seriously starting to hope for you to either drop dead or just disappear completely so she wouldn’t be in pain anymore!!

  8. Quick transmigration system MCs!!! Please save our Wangfei!! Take over for her and change her life!!! Dx

  9. Whenever xiao is near her I think of prison when she was heavily injured and lying there to die without any hearing on her side or any treatment and would be there if his father hasn’t arrived.
    Even criminals are given basic treatment and a hearing

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  11. I understand her being mad, I really do, but in I think it was to be a virtuous wife the transmigrator in the story had a horrible relationship with her husband and when he decided to stay the night for the first time she was like fine….She won and used the prince to punish her enemies and gained affection and children. Yes we all feel the prince in this story is wretchedly cruel, but he doesn’t know anything else. I feel sorry for him too. Sorry guys.

  12. War God not Love God.
    why care for others feelings?even emperor is scared of you.
    why did you give ur wife freedom? who dares to oppose you ? who have the guts to talk back to you? why are u swooning over her?
    where is ur ruthlessness? come on man dont change ur character over a girl.
    husband/wife? more like give and take.
    she cured u , u gave her ur name(wife of war god ultimate protection)
    freed from lin clan because of u.
    grandmother or the place she stays now was kicking alive and happy because of ur name/protection otherwise it would have become graveyard by emperor or princess fu.
    ah bait?assassin? well if not for bait lil girl there will be a scythe from hell would be hanging around ur neck 24/7.
    ur almost dead? well sorry its a miscalculation.tnx to demon lord ahhh it’s me darling mwaaaa.

    ahh doctor/daughter Mo incident? ah sure he didnt trust u.
    imprisoned? u think it’s revenge? no it’s love a small hope . not for prison and isolated from everyone what will others do? u almost killed there god without proof sure the will accuse you and maybe …….(leave to ur imagination coz mine may differ from you).
    didnt let doctor mo treat u and let doc Wu treat u even if there is less than 30% chance of survival?sure he wont let doc Mo.why?u practically accused his daughter for attempt to murder will he save you after that accusation?

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    prefer pride over you? if not then he is no war god no XTY no char? then he may die. no char no life no life no novel. lin chujiu u r wronged but u should also understood him he maybe a war but a human. a human a ex-cripple with his 10’s /1000’s of army under emperors blade as livestock so understand him dont act spoiled and run away like u did before coz his ememies are urs.


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