Chapter 199: Has long been expecting, Miserable (Part 2)

“Xiao Wangfei, you know, my eldest sister is a very gentle and strong person. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to study business. I wanted to study martial arts. My family didn’t agree with it. Only my eldest sister supported me. When I was beaten up by my father, only my eldest sister brought me food and accompany me in secrecy.”

“When she was 10 years old, she got engaged to the Dan Family. That marriage was agreed by both parents. Before the marriage, they were able to see each other. Afterward, the Dan Family met a downfall. The Dan Family visited us and decided to cancel the marriage. But, my eldest sister disagreed, she entered the Dan Family with a large sum of dowry instead.”

“With my eldest sister’s dowry, the Dan Family was able to revive their business. After two years, their business becomes more prosperous. Although it’s still not comparable to our family, we thought my eldest sister was living a good life, but she was not… …”

“I’ve just learned from the mama‘s mouth that my eldest sister was never been happy. Dan Family’s young master was only good to her whenever they were outside, but very cold inside their state. My eldest sister doesn’t want our family to get worried. So, she kept everything inside her heart.”

“In ten years of marriage, my eldest sister has never been pregnant. With this, my eldest sister thought she was infertile. Therefore, when the Dan Family’s young master said he will marry his cousin, she didn’t object.”

“His cousin’s body was weak, so whenever she said that my eldest sister was bullying her, the Dan Family unconditionally believed her words. No matter what the issue, it always ended as my eldest sister’s fault. This cousin kept saying that my eldest sister was vicious and unworthy to be the wife. My eldest sister was bullied in the Dan Family’s backyard for years. But, she didn’t even say a word to us.”

“Later on… My eldest sister got pregnant. However, this pregnancy was a lot of more troublesome. She always had an accident. When my eldest sister almost lost her three-month-old pregnancy, she decided to eat the cinnabar seeds to keep her child. She wanted to save the child with her own life.”

“The Dan Family’s younger master told this issue to our family. Our family naturally disagreed and asked my eldest sister to abort it. The Dan Family’s young master pretentiously said that he would rather keep my sister alive than the child. Because at that time, his cousin was also pregnant. That cousin never had an accident and was rather healthy. Then, the mama secretly heard the reason why my eldest sister pregnancy was not smooth, it was because the Dan Family’s young master hated her… …”

“I didn’t know that my eldest sister has been living miserably. I only knew that when she was seven months pregnant, despite the big distance, she ran away from the northern territory and came looking for me. But her first sentence when she saw me was: Third younger brother save my child.”

Mo Qingfeng cried out when he finished… …

His hands were covering his face, but the tears flowed out from his fingers. He looks like a helpless child.

Lin Chujiu knew that Mo Qingfeng doesn’t need her comfort. All he needs was someone to talk about this topic.

Sure enough, after he cried out everything, Mo Qingfeng calmed down and wiped away his tears: “I’m sorry, I was rude.”

“It’s nothing, you can go to rest, I will take care of your eldest sister.” Lin Chujiu was not feeling much sentimental. She doesn’t want to know their story. But, she didn’t expect that it was this tragic: A seven-month pregnant woman dragged her body to find her brother to save her child.

“Thank you, Xiao Wangfei.” Mo Qingfeng got up and solemnly gave Lin Chujiu a ceremonious bow. Lin Chujiu calmly nodded her head.

After Mo Qingfeng walked away, Lin Chujiu took out an infusion bottle from the medical system and changed the empty one. Lin Chujiu didn’t notice Xiao Tianyao was behind her until she heard his voice… …


*Mama – the old woman.

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  1. So, he saw her take the new bottle out of apparently nowhere, because she doesn’t dig things out of a box when she’s alone, right? Is he going to accuse her of witchcraft? Or demand to see, or perhaps Have her interdimensional storage device (ring, bag, pocket, whatever)?
    Possibly he is still more interested in how the Mo family of the north now owe her, and by extension himself?

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