Chapter 200: Sympathy, The front line battle will be chaotic (Part 2)

The guardsmen around Xiao Tianyao were all trained by one person. And this person was no other than Liu Bai. So, those guardsmen will naturally report things to him. Liu Bai didn’t feel like there was a need to conceal this issue. He opened his mouth and said: “Tianyao was played by Wangfei. He thought Wangfei rode back to the capital, so he also came back. But when he came halfway,  he received a message that Wangfei was not in the capital but in Zhuangzi.”

“Wangfei has actually dared to played Tianyao? She’ll be miserable.” Su Cha said with a tone of regret.

But this time, Su Cha can’t really sympathize with Lin Chujiu. If Lin Chujiu didn’t stay in Zhuangzi for long, he and Liu Bai will not suffer like this. So… …

Lin Chujiu must be punished. Only by receiving punishment, Lin Chujiu will learn not to run away.

Su Cha and Liu Bai knew that the event this afternoon was enormous. The emperor has been monitoring Xiao Tianyao. So of course, he also knew what happened. However, the emperor didn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao’s trip was to chase after Lin Chujiu.

“You accidentally met the Northern Mo Family? Do you find zhen as a fool.” The emperor thinks that Xiao Tianyao’s crazy move was to hide his connection to the Northern Territory Mo Family.

Although the Northern Territory was a part of Eastern Country. It is ruled by a different emperor. Eastern Country can hardly put their hands on it. They can only collect a small amount of tax every year.

The first emperor of Eastern Country and the First Emperor of Northern Territory were brothers. After the first emperor ascended the throne, he gave the Northern Territory to his brother to rule as his own kingdom. The first emperor promised to his brother that his descendants can inherit the throne as long as they will not oppose the Eastern emperor’s descendants. The Eastern Emperors will not seize their kingdom, but they must also do the same. 

The Northern Territory has been guarding the Northern Regions for generations. The current emperor of Northern Territory and the emperor of the east were from the same generations. The current emperor of Northern Territory has no talent and no ambition, but it doesn’t mean the next one will be the same.

Mo Family has grain business and great power in the Northern Territory. Because Mo Qingfeng’s aunt was married to the current emperor. However, she gave birth to a son that has heart disease and died. So this son could no longer fulfill his responsibility as an heir.

The Northern Territory current princess came from an ordinary merchant family, but she had a good son that have talent in both civil and military. When the current princess turned 18, she had a good deal with the Dan Family.

The situation in the Northern Territory was very complicated. There were several large families that have power. So, the Eastern Emperor dare not send troops to attack them, nor dare to touch any of them. However, now that he sees Xiao Tianyao actually dare to make a move with Northern Territory right under his nose. His mind simply explodes.  

“He is threatening zhen! The emperor of the Northern Territory has dared to let his people support Xiao Tianyao. He dares to oppose zhen, then zhen will also dare to flatten them.”  After so many years, the relationship between Northern Territory and Eastern Country has become more and more distant. While the Eastern Country suffered from many wars, the Northern Territory only watched them and become more and more powerful, to the point that, they themselves become a threat.

*Bang, bang*

As the emperor slammed his table twice. His hidden spy immediate came out from the dark and kowtowed: “Your Majesty.”

“Send some people to monitor the Mo Family in the north. But, don’t cause any trouble.” Right now, the Eastern Country was still in a war. He doesn’t have the energy to attack the Northern Territory yet.

“This subordinate understood.” The spy immediate nodded his head.

But, the emperor added: “Also, go to the Tiancang Pavilion, ask them what happened to Xiao Tianyao’s legs in the end.”

All his plans where based upon Xiao Tianyao’s crippled legs. If Xiao Tianyao’s legs suddenly healed, the front line battle will be chaotic!

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  1. This emperor is so paranoid! A megalomaniac is not great, but at least if he’s already the emperor it shouldn’t be nearly as noticeable. A paranoid megalomaniac is a huge problem for just about everyone.

  2. Most people from XTY side are lunatics, both Su Cha and Liu Bai are petty, then the emperor is a psycho, even he is XTY’s enemy, he is still his half brother, I think psycho runs in family…..just look at the emperor and XTY 😥

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