Chapter 208: Baby, you think you can stay (Part 1)

The seven-month-old premature baby was no worse than the full-term baby. After a few days, it’s small arms and legs can move strongly. And after drinking the milk, the baby smiles with full of gratitude. So, sometimes Lin Chujiu hugs and squeezed it’s little arm. 

At this moment, Lin Chujiu was bathing the baby inside her room. Doctor Wu has nothing else to do, so he help Lin Chujiu. Seeing Lin Chujiu like the baby so much, he excitedly said: “Wangfei, it seems you love children so much, when are you planning to have one? Your baby will definitely be cuter than this baby.” Just by thinking about their Wangye and Wangfei’s baby, he couldn’t help but get excited!

And with the appearance of their Wangye and Wangfei, their children will definitely be beautiful when they born!

Lin Chujiu was concentrating on bathing the baby, so she didn’t think much and just replied: “I do want to have a baby, but with whom?”

When Xiao Tianyao came in, he heard Lin Chujiu’s statement, and his face immediately become cold. “To whom do you want to have a baby?” Lin Chujiu’s courage was getting bigger and bigger. She was married to him, but she’s still thinking to have a baby with someone else.

Is he too kind so she wanted to put a green hat on him? Does she think, he will tolerate it?

When Lin Chujiu heard the question, she thought it was Doctor Wu who spoke. So, she didn’t lift up her head and just casually give an answer: “I don’t know who I’m going to have a baby. I can’t get pregnant on my own.”

“Do you really want to have a baby with someone else?” The voice sounded was so cold, and it has a trace of suppressed anger… …

This is not right!

This is not Doctor Wu’s voice.

This is… …

Lin Chujiu’s hand become stiff, and she noticed the atmosphere inside the room has changed. She looked up and saw Doctor Wu winking his eyes and knitting his eyebrows.

Your warning was late! 

Lin Chujiu glared at Doctor Wu. However, Doctor Wu showed an innocent face: I was giving you a warning a long time ago, but you ignored me!

Forget it, it’s too late to say anything now.

Lin Chujiu silently turned around her head and then looked at Xiao Tianyao’s line of sight. His eyes were staring at the baby, Lin Chujiu almost lose her grip on the baby. Fortunately, her reaction was fast. She busily picked up the baby and wiped him clean.

The baby doesn’t understand what was happening. He thought they were playing, so he keeps wiggling his arms and legs while giggling… …

Lin Chujiu hold the baby like nothing happened. And then, she said to Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, why did you come?” Without announcing yourself.

“Can’t benwang come?” Xiao Tianyao pushed his wheelchair and moved forward…

That movement feels like can crashed everything!

Doctor Wu felt bad. So, he immediately took the baby, who was only wrapped with a quilt, from Lin Chujiu’s hand and ran away… …

Lin Chujiu wanted to stop Doctor Wu, but she hasn’t opened her mouth, Doctor Wu could no longer be seen.

This… … he is so fast!

Lin Chujiu was helpless, she had to face Xiao Tianyao alone.

“Wangye, are you looking for me?”

Xiao Tianyao sneered: “Why aren’t you answering benwang’s question?” They were married, but she doesn’t know who’s child she was going to bear? He really admired Lin Chujiu!

“What, what’s the problem?” Lin Chujiu acted like a fool: “Is it about refining the medicine? Doctor Wu already asked me about it, I told him what he should do.”

Xiao Tianyao coldly snorted: “Doctor Wu and benwang had lived for a long time together. Do you think using him, benwang will be fooled? Your ability in pretending to be stupid is improving. ”

Lin Chujiu knows that she could not escape, so she said: “Of course not. Doctor Wu and I were just fooling around. Wangye, shouldn’t keep it to heart.”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I think this chapter is funny so far. XT getting jealous because LC is not even considering him to father her child! So great!

  2. Hahaha! This chapter is so funny! But for the long time I did not read this, the chapters uploaded are few, that disappoint me. Oh well im still thankful that this story is updating, unlike others that takes forever to upload stories.

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