Chapter 209: The battle, successfully climbed onto the bed (Part 1)

From the bottom of her heart, Lin Chujiu doesn’t really want to return to Xiao Wangfu. But now that Xiao Tianyao had said those words. Can she still say no?

And since she had no choice but to return to the capital, it is necessary to understand the situation there. Lin Chujiu sat down on the opposite side of Xiao Tianyao, then asked: “What happened to Princess Fu An? Why did she suddenly wanted to apologize to me?”

She doesn’t believe that Princess Fu An suddenly had a conscience. If she had a conscience, will she design that kind of plan for her?

Xiao Tianyao didn’t let Lin Chujiu keep guessing, he said: “The Cui Family wants her to take responsibility to her own wrong doings. If she refused, she and Cui Third Son will separate. And the Cui Family will never let her have any relationship with them.”

Lin Chujiu snorted, and sarcastically said: “Princess Fu An compromised because of love?” A member of Imperial Family knows what true love is?

“Of course not… …” Princess Fu An has the backing of the Emperor, so why will she compromise? It’s just she offended the Emperor so: “She designed the Emperor to sleep with Mo Yuer. The Emperor was furious and scolded her in public. She could no longer stay in the palace.”

“What? What did you say?” Lin Chujiu’s eyes widen, she couldn’t believed what she just heard: “Mo Yuer climbed the emperor’s bed?” Didn’t Mo Yuer love Xiao Tianyao so much? She can do anything for him, so why did she climbed the Emperor’s bed?

Xiao Tianyao know what was Lin Chujiu thinking inside her mind. So, he looked at her and corrected her imagination: “Didn’t climbed the bed. The Emperor had slept with Mo Yuer. The premise is not the same. ”

Climbing the Emperor’s bed means that Mo Yuer has a greedy and scheming plan. Although the Emperor will not refuse to take the initiative to embrace a woman, he won’t do it, especially if the future was unforeseeable.

However, unexpectedly, the emperor had slept with her. It was the Emperor’s fault. So, the Emperor must marry her. But as long as she won’t be sensible and clever, she wouldn’t have a special seat in the harem.

“Anyway, in the end, Mo Yuer became the Emperor’s woman.” For Lin Chujiu the premise was the same. That tragedy happened because she wanted to become Xiao Tianyao’s concubine. But, the result was, she became the concubine of Xiao Tianyao’s older brother.

Xiao Tianyao is handsome and young, but the Emperor is… … More like her father.  

Lin Chujiu admitted that she was not kind. When she heard the news, she wanted to laugh out loud at Mo Yuer and tell her: Mo Yuer, you deserve it!

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s current facial expression, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but shook his head: This woman has no sense of crisis.

“Lin Chujiu, do you know what it means, now that Mo Yuer become the Emperor’s woman?” Xiao Tianyao wanted to remind Lin Chujiu that this was not a happy event.

Lin Chujiu was not a fool. So, how could she not know: “It means she will become an imperial concubine and can climb up high in the harem, right? But, what does it have to do with me? Unless she become the Empress, I don’t need to kneel in front of her.” She was Xiao Wangfei, the official wife in Xiao Wangfu. No matter how favored Mo Yuer was, she was still below the Empress.

“She will not let you go!” As long as Lin Chujiu was the Xiao Wangfei, Mo Yuer will not let her go.

“Since she didn’t become your concubine and I was still married to you. She will definitely take revenge on me.” Lin Chujiu admitted that she was timid and scared. But if things really go down that way, she will fight, if Mo Yuer wants to fight.

“Since you know it, then you’ll be fine.” Seeing Lin Chujiu was prepared for it. Xiao Tianyao put down his worries inside his heart: “Tidy up your things and return to the capital with benwang. Even if you don’t care about Princess Fu An, it’s still best to give face the Cui Family.”

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