Chapter 211: Cooperation, Buying people’s heart (Part 1)

It’s not difficult for Xiao Tianyao to push Imperial Doctor Qin advanced his movements. In order to borrow Princess Fu An’s hands, Imperial Doctor Qin must take action, before she left the palace.

Su Cha, under Xiao Tianyao’s name, went to the Cui Family to speak about his intentions. Cui Third Son and Princess Fu An will go to Xiao Wangfu to apologize to Xiao Wangfei.

In this sentence, it shows that the Cui Family must go directly to Princess Fu An and pick her up. Once Princess Fu An left, she will not return to the palace. With this, if Imperial Doctor Qin really wanted to use her, he must make a move before Princess Fu An leaves the palace.

The Cui family was also willing to give Xiaon Tianyao a face. They previously proposed that Princess Fu An should be responsible for her wrongdoings. This simple action called apologizing was already a sign of giving Princess Fu An a face. And this was a good time to do it.

When Cui Third Son put out these words, Princess Fu An’s face was still looked pretty good. Even if the Emperor was angry at her, she doesn’t want to care much about this issue.

She was the emperor’s favorite sister. As long as this matter was over, she will still be the most beloved sister of the emperor.


“Master, things have changed. Princess Fu An wants to leave the palace ahead of time.” When Imperial Doctor Qin received the news, he immediately reported to the silver-haired old man.

“Then start ahead of time.” The silver-haired old man revealed a thoughtful facial expression. But, he saw Imperial Doctor Qin was uneasy, so he comforted him with a sentence: “Rest assured, someone was helping us, things will go more smoothly.”

Imperial Doctor Qin was the Emperor’s confidant. He was naturally not stupid, so he couldn’t help but frown: “Xiao Wangye, discovered us?” Things suddenly changed, which forced them to move ahead of time. In addition to Xiao Tianyao, Imperial Doctor Qin couldn’t think of a person that can manipulate things.

“Maybe, but who knows.” The silvered haired old man doesn’t care who helped them. He was only focused with his revenge. But, Imperial Doctor Qin was different, he was the emperor’s people. How can he just cooperate with Xiao Wangye’s plans?

Imperial Doctor Qin carefully asked: “Master, regarding this matter… Do we need to cooperate for a long time?”

“There is no need. In this world, there is no eternal enemies, no eternal friends, only eternal interests exist. This cooperation will not make you Xiao Wangye’s people. You have already witnessed it, the Emperor and Xiao Wangye have been fighting like forever. Even if the Northern Country declared a war, they still didn’t stop or even join hands.”  The silver-haired old man said with a smile. He was obviously in a good mood.

Imperial Doctor Qin sighed and said: “Master, I understand.” He understood that Xiao Tianyao will not threaten him with this issue.

“You can rest assured. Although Xiao Wangye is not a gentleman, he can be trusted. If we give him a face, he will remember you.” For the silver-haired old man, as long as he can take revenge, the person Imperial Doctor Qin worked with, was not important.

Imperial Doctor Qin nodded his head: “Two days later, Princess Fu An will go to Xiao Wangfu to apologize to Xiao Wangfei. I will start on that day.” Presumably, the Emperor will not expect that Princess Fu An will take a shot against him before she left.

“Very good.” The silver-haired old man slightly clenched his fist in excitement… …


Although Lin Chujiu didn’t sleep on the carriage, she rested all the way back. So after she took a bath, she visited Zhenzhu and the others.

The injuries of the four maidservants were the lightest among the others. So, they could already get up. When they saw Lin Chujiu, they were very excited. Especially Zhenzhu, she couldn’t calm down herself.

“Wangfei, you finally came back!”

“Wangfei, you don’t know ah, when you went away, we were so miserable.”

“Now, Housekeeper Cao was very happy. He no longer needs to worry about everyone die from coldness.”

“… …”

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