Chapter 211: Cooperation, Buying people’s heart (Part 2)

When they were injured, their life was boring. So, the four maidservants courageously ridiculed Xiao Tianyao’s actions when Lin Chujiu was gone. Every Xiao Tianyao’s actions were reported one by one.

The report was nothing more than about Xiao Tianyao’s violent temper. Every little move he made scared people to death. His whole body always emitted cold and heavy atmosphere. Which made, even Su Cha and Liu Bai afraid to approach.

On the day Lin Chujiu had an accident, aside from the injured guardsmen, the rest who supposed to protect Lin Chujiu was heavily punished by their Wangye. With the grounds of not protecting her well.

Zhenzhu and the other three were very fortunate because they were injured. Otherwise, the four of them will be very miserable than that. They might even lose their job in Xiao Wangfu.

Zhenzhu and the other three become emotional and said in unison: “Wangfei, it’s really good that you came back. When you are here, Xiao Wangfu feels like a home.”

Lin Chujiu chuckled, but said nothing.

Xiao Wangfu was not her home. She cannot sense any belonging in this place. She cannot do what she wants due to oppression.

Seeing Lin Chujiu only faintly smiling. They thought she was tired. So, they busily advised her to leave and rest in her room.

Lin Chujiu also didn’t want to continue listening to things about Xiao Tianyao. She told to the four maidservant, they cannot leave and return in serving her, as long as they haven’t completely recovered from their wounds. Lin Chujiu said so, so the four maidservants didn’t dare to question her decision… …

After Lin Chujiu visited her four maidservants, she didn’t hurry to return to her room. Instead, she went to see the other injured guardsmen.

The guardsmen in the front row were the most suffered from serious injuries. Until now, they haven’t gone out to bed. So, when they saw Lin Chujiu came, they’re struggling to get up.

“Wangfei, thank you for your concern. It’s just a little injury, but we troubled Wangfei to visit. I’m afraid we cannot afford this.” The guardsmen really didn’t expect Lin Chujiu will come to see them. Protecting her was their job.

Lin Chujiu stopped them from moving: “I came to see you all, not to worsen your injuries. Just lie down, don’t get up. If your wounds opened up, I’ll become a sinner.”

The injured guardsmen really couldn’t get up. So, with Lin Chujiu’s insistence, they obediently lie down but didn’t dare to look at her face directly. However, they sneak a peak to her one by one. Lin Chujiu’s face looks very serious.

Lin Chujiu also didn’t want to make things difficult for them. After she learned that their wounds were well handled. And their medicines were being taken on a daily basis. Lin Chujiu felt relieved and said before leaving: “Your injuries were treated well. You guys don’t need to worry about anything. But, if any of you felt discomfort, you can ask my maidservants to find me. And I will help you.”

This was like a promise. The guardsmen didn’t think Lin Chujiu was such an easy-going person. So, they couldn’t help but shout: “We would like to thank Wangfei.”

Lin Chujiu laughed and jokingly said: “Just speak low, don’t stretch out your wounds.”

The guardsmen never thought that Lin Chujiu would tease them. After a few seconds, a guard said: “Wangfei, rest assured. Doctor Wu sealed them tight and cannot be stretched.”

When Lin Chujiu left, the guardsmen continue discussing things together: “Wangye and Wangfei are completely different. Wangfei is very kind. She just came back, but she visited us.”

“Yes, yes, Wangfei is not only good-looking but also has a good heart. I think my wound looks very ugly. But, she still touches it.”

“You kid is very lucky ah, hahaha… …”

The small hospital was very lively due to Lin Chujiu’s visit. The injured guardsmen continued praising Lin Chujiu. But as for Xiao Tianyao?

Oh… They dare not say anything. They couldn’t imagine their fierce Wangye be kind… …

After Xiao Tianyao learned about those things, he didn’t get angry. But, he grumpily hummed and said inside his mind: Your ability to buy people’s heart was rather strong! 

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  1. ML is just a dead person inside who has no conscience due to the politics. He needs to learn how to be kind and have some common sense.

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