Chapter 213: Face, Taking the initiative to enter the door (Part 1)

When Lin Xiang heard Housekeeper Cao’s words, his face become green and he got angry: “That evil girl!”

Lin Xiang shouted, but who knows who was the person he referred to as the evil girl.

However, Housekeeper Cao thinks that he was more likely referring to their Wangfei. Although Lin Wanting’s action was wrong, their Wangfei’s words were very harsh.

In anger, Lin Xiang couldn’t sit still and hurriedly go to the Xiao Wangfu with Housekeeper Cao. If Xiao Wangfu dared to humiliate their family, he will never let them go!


Lin Wanting didn’t know that Lin Chujiu invited Lin Xiang. She just kept yelling and yelling to the maidservant next to her. The reason was: Lin Chujiu refused to see her, and she was not allowed to meet Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Wanting’s anger quickly explode. She wanted to use this opportunity to push Lin Chujiu to her death, not to stay in this room like a prisoner. She wanted to replace Lin Chujiu and become Xiao Wangfei. Just like how her mother replace her aunt, and become Lin Furen.

But, she didn’t get this opportunity. When she entered Xiao Wangfu, she was taken immediately to this small courtyard. There were four guardsmen outside the door. She had an absolute freedom inside the room, but she couldn’t get out.

“I want to see your Wangfei, didn’t you hear me? I am your Wangfei’s sister. She won’t stop me!” Lin Wanting disregard her image and just shouted.

These sentences were repeated by her for more than ten times. But, the maidservants inside simply ignored her.

“If your Wangfei doesn’t want to see me, then I’ll go and see Xiao Wangye, okay? Xiao Wangye is my brother-in-law. There’s nothing wrong in seeing him.”

Lin Wanting glared at the maidservant in front of her and raised her hand to throw a slap over her face. But, when her palm was about to get close, the maidservant ducked.  Lin Wanting took this opportunity to rushed outside, but the maidservant stopped her once again and stand in front of her.

“Miss Lin, please show a little respect. Our Wangye and Wangfei said that they can’t see you right now.” The maidservant stopped Lin Wanting and repeated the words, she had said countless times.

After being stopped here and there for several times, Lin Wanting felt tired: “You … … Don’t you know the meaning of hospitality? I come as a guest. I am a guest! But, your Wangfei only sent a few maidservants to see me?”

The maidservant stayed motionless and firmly stand in front of her. Lin Wanting was so angry to the point she burst into tears. She cried and cried, but still, no one came to see her. She felt wronged and sad, so she turned and cried in the bed instead.

When Lin Xiang came in with Housekeeper Cao. He saw his daughter crying out with almost no breath. Seeing this, his eyes flashed with thoughts: The truth is not important. The current situation is in his favor.

In just one glance, it can be seen that Xiao Wangfu bullied his daughter.

“What is this all about?” Lin Xiang immediately asked Housekeeper Cao.

When Lin Wanting heard Lin Xiang’s voice, she trembled and struggled to climb up in the bed. She looked at Lin Xiang with teary eyes and said: “Father… … you finally came.”

The brokenhearted Lin Wanting then flew to Lin Xiang’s arms: “Father, I’m so scared. Take me home please, they, they… …”

Lin Wanting pointed her finger to the maidservant, who’s standing like a wood in the corner. Her face looks terrible as if she was tortured by her and she was frightened.

Lin Xiang patted Lin Wanting’s back and comforted her: “Wanting, don’t be scared. Father is here for you.”

“Father, Wanting is so scared.” Lin Wanting stopped crying, but she still accused the people around her. Housekeeper Cao’s lips twitched in seeing this.

He finally understood why their Wangfei was not an opponent of this young lady. Their Wangfei has a biased father, plus she has a sister who was accustomed to acting weak. So, how will their Wangfei win?

Lin Xiang didn’t ask immediately what happened to her and the maidservant. He only asked after she had calmed down: “Wanting, tell father, what happened?”

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